The Bible reveals that God created mankind in His image, with His likeness, personality and moral principles of mind as well as behaviour, and it teaches clearly that Adam (man) did not exist as an animal before He became man.

God personally made sharp distinctions of the differences between mankind and the animals. He created animals in pairs, together. Adam He made separately. Although God created the universe by command, He created man by fashioning a body for him. God formed him and breathed life into the body and man became a living being.
Woman was essential to God's plan. God showed Adam, what he had observed, that as a man he was alone and needed a helper. Among the birds, animals and beasts that had been created, there was not found a suitable helper. Woman was made for him and Adam recognised her as his equal (bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh).

Woman as a helper was formed for Adam, out of Adam himself not the same as the other creatures, with morals, reasoning, intellect and spiritual capabilities. In keeping with Adam's role, he named this woman Eve, for she came out of man, yet was able to give life to the human race.
Animals were obviously made in the same manner but God personally giving the breath of life makes a distinction and makes humans different from all other creatures. All creatures, including mankind were given the vegetation to eat. It was not until after the flood that humans became meat eaters, authorised by God.

Satan used his wiles deceitfully and triumphantly over the innocence of Eve, a woman, through whom sin entered and spread to Adam and their children.
God counter-attacted by using a woman to give birth to the Saviour who would provide redemption of the original sin.

Jesus taught that God made male and female at the beginning. All mankind originated from one God-Created couple. All mankind originated from one God-Created couple, and anthropologists do acknowledge this true fact. The first prophecy pertaining to the coming of Christ was spoken to Adam and Eve. Jesus taught of divine creation, and the facts of the killing of Abel, as written in the Book of Genesis, the first Book of The Bible. He also taught of the flood.

The creation of Eve (life bearer- man with a womb, woman) was a distinct act of God.

The names Adam and Eve, although they have particular meanings, do not mean that they did not exist as individuals. In the eastern world people still have names that have meaning in relation to their culture.

There are differences between animals and humans.

There is instinct for animals and intellect for humans; animals only have body and soul, human beings have three parts, spirit, soul and body; a triune being like God.

In God's likeness human beings think, evaluate, choose, feel, have creativity, have common sense, and born with a sense of worship.

Man is God-conscious, an animal is not, man can sin, an animal cannot, a human knows right from wrong, an animal does not, animals that are pets are house trained which is a conditioned behaviour pattern according to the training of their owners.

God Himself knew that it was not good for man to be alone, He allowed Adam to know that he needed fellowship, friendship and intimacy. Among the animals no mate was found for Adam, thus the unique creation of the woman. She was made Adam's equal partner in life.

The creation seen by mankind is evidence of God's Sovereignty since it was by wisdom that He founded the earth. Humans are to be stewards of the God-Created earth and He entrusted it to them. God desires that dominion over all animals, birds, reptiles and sea-life is a dominion that forbids cruelty and abuse.

Male and female were given full share in dominion over God's creation. A partnership that was created by man, but because of rebellion, unfaithful to commitment, doubt and disbelief against God, this became insubstantial, it shows the impact of sin and how it always effects others in the experiences of mankind.

The Hebrew culture is male oriented, with a protective system for the women, but in The Bible at the beginning of the human race, there was a common identity. Though the equal partnership became distorted by distrust and suspicion, but restored in Christ, the ideal of full equality as persons is clearly taught.

The very reason for Christ's earthly life and sacrifice on the cross was made to destroy the original sin of disobedience, rebellion, doubt and disbelief of Adam and Eve.

Human sexuality was part of creation and was not the issue of forbidden fruit from The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, as is often portrayed.

All living creatures were made complete and given to mankind to manage, also man was given access and communion with the Creator, animals were not. Human beings were to be stewards of the earth, and God established the human family placement.

God did not converse with the other living creatures He made, but He did speak to Adam and Eve. Mankind alone is equipped for fellowship with The Creator. Mankind is not merely the product of an impersonal biographical process. Life is a gift from God. God requires interaction with mankind. He desires communion and fellowship through pratey and worship.
Man did not evolve originally on different continents. Neither did they evolve by different races being produced by interbreeding with animals. After the flood the land mass was changed, mankind then descended from three couples, the sons of Noah and their wives, who migrated to the new geolic-type lands.

EVOLUTION is the theory of mankind only and a belief in living things changing from generation to generation, producing new characteristics. This process has supposedly produced all the groups of living things now, and all these living groups are related to each other.
As progress of intellect in technology increases, man's wisdom and common sense decreases. Evolution teaches that this process leads to racism of super-humanism and sub-humanism, not at all equal together on this planet, which is also the basis for belief in Nazism, which is still very strong today.

Hitler of Germany and Stalin of Russia had millions and millions of people murdered because they thought some humans were holding up the evolutionary progress. Many people forget this and it is known that evolutionists prey on the ignorance of others.
Evolution is the theory of mankind only and a belief in living things changing from generation to generation, producing new characteristics. This process has supposedly produced all the groups of living things now, and all these living groups are related to each other.

Scientists freely admit that evidence is not complete to prove this theory, which began only 150 years ago from a man called Charles Darwin and his grandfather. His belief, as all evolutionists believe, is that all species compete with each other to live. The stronger outliving the weaker.

There are many unsolved problems that surround evolution, which are the cause of the variations, the guiding force of natural selection and race, the many missing links between groups that are still living and have never changed. Scientists themselves disagree on facts concerning the hypothesis of evolution coming from lower ancestors.

To have life, then to die makes the theory of evolution null and void. Evolutionists do not believe in life after death, their theory is extinction for everyone, for they adhere to the supposition that humans are the product of impersonal time, matter plus chance, with no dignity or value, life has no meaning nor any purpose.

Evolutionists also believe that man is related literally to every living thing, whether it be a worm, tree, plant, or seaweed, monkey or ape. A human can not have a blood transfusion from any of the ape family, the DNA make-up is so entirely incompatible it would kill a person, yet the ill-informed evolutionist say that they are 99 percent the same and are our closest relative?

This process describes changes and then tries ways of how to explain them, how they produced new kinds of living beings that were far different from their ancestors. Always claiming that the newer types were more complex and efficient than earlier ones. Yet a historian will claim that mankind has degenerated rather than progressed.

Animals should not be at risk of extinction if they changed to suit each progressive age. This makes the naturalists, who try to save animals from extinction at opposite ends with the evolution theory.

Acquired characteristics that are caused by outside conditions, changes in weather, special foods, are acknowledged as nothing to do with evolution.

The ignorance on the part of the public is what has been taken advantage of to the extreme. Scientists have tried to gather evidence to support an alleged evolutionary theory.

and is the only weight of evidence to the theory

How does comparative anatomy provide evidence of evolution?

The so-called Nebraska Man, supposed to live 1 million years was built upon one single tooth when it was found in 1927, which years later was proven to be a tooth of a pig?

The Java Apeman was supposedly the first up-right apeman found in central Java. Pieces of bone were found over a wide area, a top of a scull, elsewhere in the region, a fragment of a thigh bone and three molar teeth. This was the first evidence of upright apeman, aged 750,000 years old?

In 1926, a perfect skull bone belonging to an apeman of the years 250,000 years old was found, this was named the perfect skull of pre-historic man, which later turned out to be the knee bone of an elephant?

The Heildelberg Man was a find of only a jawbone, complete with teeth, the same jaw bones exist in living men to day, but this was dated at 250,000 years old?

The Neanderthal Man was one of the most famous apeman skull bone found in 1856, now known to be a human skull bone and nothing less?

The Piltdown skull dug up in Sussex, England, in 1911, a human skull and an ape like jaw, it was hailed as the greatest find, and aged at 500,000 years old. In 1953 it was brought to the attention of the public that it was a hoax on purpose and the bones 50 years old, surely this would caution anyone to accept stories of discoveries of bones claiming to be an ape man millions of years old?

The Keilor skull found in Australia claims made that it was 150,000 years old and now only 8,000 years old?

The skeletons and bodies which have been covered in hair, for effect, are displayed in hundreds of museums around world. These so called apemen were compiled from plaster of paris around the discovered skull bone or jaw bone.

40 Nobel prize winners have all agreed that life is a miracle, something other than nature's conditions has brought life about.

The objections to evolution come not only from believers in God of Creation but from all forms of paganestic religions, making evolution itself another false religion of mankind. The subject of Creation and the Evolution theory of human beings is not correctly taught on a balanced level in modern educational systems.

The created order and humankind are dependent upon and under the authoriy of God the Creator. Creation of the human race is the free act of God based upon His wisdom and power, formed by the order of His Word.

The creation of humankind is not the end of the order but the climax of it. Life is from God and the termination of human life by death is due to original sin known as The Fall (doubting God).

The created world is the intended place of humanity who have a God-given authority to rule over the earth, the animal kingdom and to fill the earth. The response of human beings to God's command to rule has been a failure through abuse and refusal to be obedient. The order of nations within the world by race, nations, territories and governments has been the height of humanity.

God is held to be Creator, The Sustainer and the Ultimate beginning and end.

SCRIPTURES Genesis 6:5, 50:20, Matthew 6:13, 15:19, 26:39, Luke 11:4, Romans 3:20,7:7, 8:28.
QUESTIONS 1] Is fallen human nature a source of evil? 2] Why was God's Law given? 3] How should believers respond to evil? 4] What does God do with evil influences in the world?

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