Justification is the declaration of being declared righteous before God as Judge according to the just laws of sin, because of The Blood of Christ.

There is a need in the life of mankind for justification, because of the reality of God's righteousness, His justice, His Law.

People are unable to justify themselves before God. God's demands are met through
The Works of Christ on The Cross.

Justification is received by trust and belief in The Son of God. It is a gift of Grace from God. Believers are granted the status of being righteous in the sight of God.

Justification brings peace with God and access to His presence, the assurance of forgiveness, freedom from condemnation and guilt, freedom from the domination of sin in life. It brings adoption into God's family.

Justification ( just-as-if-I-never-did-it) is received when there is repentance, asking forgiveness of sin and the forsaking of it.

Mankind is reunited with God through The Blood of Jesus Christ which cleanses all unrighteousness. Christ's death protects believers from The Wrath of God toward sin.

God provided Jesus as a substitute and placed the suffering and guilt of mankind upon Him. The gift is unmerited.

Justification is the atoning work of God, whereby He acquits the guilty of all sin and is a legal term that pronounces freedom.

God treats a sinner as a righteous person. Once understood, the grace given by the death of Christ can be fully comprehended and appreciated.

Justification did not come cheap, therefore it does not promote irresponsibility, nor is it to be scorned upon. There is an eternal consequence that flows from being justified. The application of justification is out-worked in a believer's life by faith in Jesus Christ, it is a truth of God that has the power to transform lives.

No-one can stand before a Holy God without being justified. Only God can justify the guilty freely by His Grace.

In order to redeem mankind from this eternal fate, God sent His Son who was righteous in every way and He took the place of the sinner and died a sinner's death. It was God's justice that one innocent man die for all.

It is God's grace that excuses sin because the penalty of it was paid for in the death of Christ.

While the human court system aptly demonstrates what Christ has done in terms of the doctrine of justification, it is interesting to note that humanly speaking, a criminal record still remains. Even though being released from penalty or prison frees a person to begin a new life, it doesn't always release that person from the pain of guilt. A reminder of their sins is not only kept by authorities, but their integrity and dignity can also be hindered by the general community. Therefore people continue to carry a burden.

God is certainly more gracious, His love and wisdom can not be compared, nor limited to human understanding. For not only has the penalty been paid but also the guilt is removed. God unconditionally forgives His people and remembers their sins no more, the slate is washed clean. They are free to live a new life, free to live righteously because of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

"I am Justified, therefore does it matter when I sin ?"

God's grace does not allow the privilege to legitimise sin. Jesus gave His life for the sin of mankind, His blood paid the price for a believer's justification.

God is on our side, the question is whether we are on the right side of God. We are justified when we depend completely on the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Christians are not exempt from judgement. There will come a day when an examination will determine whether one has lived for God or for themselves.

All authority pertaining to this judgement is given to Christ, this means believers will meet with their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ for judgement of works.

It is vitally important to realise that the believer's judgement is not a threat to the security of salvation, it is not judgement for punishment. This is a judgement of a believer's works and deeds and although Christians may suffer a loss, it is only because they have failed to base their actions and deeds upon the foundation of Christ. The Christian, however is saved.

Eternal rewards will depend upon a believer's faithfulness. By the grace of God, Christians have the assurance of eternal life and therefore have no need to fear condemnation or death, they can face God's judgement with confidence.

As God's workmanship believers are 'created in Christ to do good works' and are called to be what God had prepared for us.

Justification takes place only in those who trust in God, by faith in Jesus Christ.

God's forgiveness frees a person from the power of sin, it no longer has a hold over their lives. Rather than using this freedom to indulge in the sinful nature, there is a desire to stand firm against sin, in the liberty of Christ.

God expects our actions to reflect the glory of God.

Continuing in a life of sin is not an appropriate option for Christians. There is no pleasure in persisting in evil doings, because such bondage is what the sinner was initially delivered from being the wages of Death.

Once a person has been declared justified, there is a new mind attitude from The Holy Spirit that seeks to live out this justified state by living righteously. It is a pursuit of endurance and gentle godliness that lives for the will of God. It is living in obedience.

Conformity to this world is not the prerogative for believers, for it is what we have been saved from that is important. No longer must one strive to obtain righteousness, God's righteousness comes to us from Him by faith in Christ Jesus.

Believers who turn to Jesus are continually being transformed into His likeness.

Justification vindicates disciples of Christ from the penalty of their sins. However this act of God's grace liberates a believer in such a powerful way, their life is changed.

The person no longer bears their own sin, and is free from control, bondage, captivity and any restrictions that had kept them from being reconciled to God. They now have the power to do and be of right thinking, possessing permitted privilege to live for righteousness and gain eternal rewards.

SCRIPTURES John 3:16, Romans 3:24-26, Ephesians 1:6,7, 2:8,9.
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