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The Book of Joshua is named after Joshua, the son Nun of Ephraim, who led the nation of Israel after the death of Moses, is full of spiritual truth. It follows the conquest of Israel in Canaan, proving God's faithfulness.

JOSHUA means salvation or the Lord's salvation.

Joshua succeeded Moses as the Nation's Leader, chosen by God to be both a military and spiritual leader for the people. The Book records the spiritual, moral, physical and military preparation and covers the conquest of Canaan by supernatural means and the occupation of the Promised Land, a gift from God.

Joshua and Jesus share the same name and both set an example of obedience.

The Book of Joshua is the first of twelve Old Testament Books of National History in The Promised Land.

 Joshua 1:9b

God's foundational promise is His commitment to all believers. It is abiding presence is a reality. His abiding God's presence transcends all limitation. God is present in believers through The Holy Spirit. He is ever near and is present with His people.
He is especially close to those who call Him and He has promised to be present always with His people.

By asking God to help believers can conquer life challenges, if they allow the help of The Holy Spirit. God promises both Gentile and Jewish believers that they can be confident that He will always be with them, never forsake or abandon them, and never fail to help
no matter if a believer feels His presence or not.

God The Father, guarantees His present help and believers are to rely on His wisdom and strength and not their own. Jesus, The Son, also has promised that He will be with His disciples forever and will never leave them. God promises to direct, sustain and assure accomplishments.

 God is able to perform whatever He promises.

Jesus is portrayed in Joshua is a type of Christ, Captain of Salvation, Jesus is Commander of The Lord, The Man with Sword, and the Scarlet Cord of Rahab, typifies safety in the Blood of Christ, The Inheritance Giver.

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