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JONAH Minor Prophet of Pre-exile era date 800-746 B.C.

The Book of Jonah is named after the reluctant prophet, whom God sent to warn the Gentile City of Nineveh of coming judgement, unless there was repentance forthcoming.

Jonah means dove

The text is unusual and unlike other Old Testament Books because of the message, the messenger and the receivers of the message. The Book of Jonah reveals God's loving concern for the Gentile. The document exclusively revolves around Gentiles. All things that are mentioned in the accounts obey God except His prophet. i.e. the storm, the sailors, the fish, the gentiles, the plant, the worm and the wind. It is a short dramatic adventure of Jonah the Prophet and shows the extent of God's Grace.

The Book of Jonah recounts real events in the life and ministry of The Prophet himself and depicts a larger scope of God's purpose. Jonah's confession is the literary point of the book. The edition has only one prophetic sentence, and does confirm God cares about all peoples. Jesus referred to the Book of the prophet Jonah.

The Book of the prophet Jonah is the fifth Book of the Minor Prophetical Books of which there are twelve. The text includes Pre-exile History.

JONAH 2:9 (b)

Deliverance is a necessity for humankind because of the universal rule of sin that cuts humanity off from God.

God is the God of all humanity and salvation comes from him alone. God frequently rescues people from danger, from suffering and from sin, usually through other humans by natural or supernatural means. Deliverance comes from God; there is no other source. Salvation does not come from belonging to a particular nationality or domination nor by any works of mankind, no matter what other religious assemblies or cultures might think. God is the means of deliverance from, illness, trouble, slavery, sin, enemies, from Satan, from the fear of death and from His coming wrath.

God through His Word, promises deliverance. His people are to pray for deliverance, the direct intervention by God in any circumstance.

The response to God's deliverance is delight, praise and thanksgiving as well as trust and obedience. Personal renewal is through the work of The Holy Spirit. Deliverance is not the result of human achievement, privilege or wisdom, but depends upon the mercifulness of a loving God. This verse is statement is the point of Christ coming to the earth for mankind's existence in the Kingdom of God. God's mercy extends to all nations of the earth and is worthy of thanksgiving and praise for and undeserved gift of Grace (unmerited mercy and kindness).


Jesus likened Himself to Jonah. Jonah's experience was a type of Death and Resurrection of Jesus.

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