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"Everyone who calls upon The Name of The Lord will be saved". Joel 2:32

JOEL Minor Prophet of Pre-exile era date 835-796 B.C.

The Book of Joel is one of the earliest prophetic writings in the Bible.

Joel means Jehovah is my God

Repentance must be forthcoming from the people for the Day of The Lord will come. The Book of Joel is known for revival that must follow after there is repentance. From the evidence in The Book of Joel, there was much ceremony associated with Temple worship. Beyond a natural catastrophe is a prediction of a foreign invasion that is used by God as His judgement, shown to the prophet as a disaster by swarming locusts that devastate the land.

Part of Joel's prophesy of the end times was fulfilled after the Ascension of Jesus Christ, when He sent The Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

The Book of Joel is associated with the End Times and the Return of Jesus Christ. Present and future prophecies are usual to be from the same scripture and are a common element to prophecies until The Day of The Lord.

The Book of the prophet Joel is the second Book of Twelve Minor Prophetical Books including Pre-exile History in The Promised Land.


JOEL 2:32

God is able and willing to save those who humbly call upon Him as their deliverer, that is those who believe on Him and stand for Him.

To call on The Name of the Lord God is approaching Him especially in believing faith. For those who do there will be not only physical deliverance but also a spiritual transformation and an abundant entrance into an everlasting Kingdom.
To call upon God is to worship and to pray to Him, those doing so are delivered from the wrath of God. A person must sincerely believe The Truths of Christ as did the thief who died with Him on the cross, acknowledged who Jesus was, and recognised that He was a King with a Kingdom.
Salvation is available to all but through no other name. If people repent, they will be saved from Judgement, those who are unrepentant and reject God's grace and forgiveness, will perish. There is hope for the unrepentant, whatever their situation. A believing remnant shall be saved from self to Christ by God's grace.
While salvation and deliverance will be the experience of the one who truly calls on The Name of the Lord in that day, it is God himself who will summon that remnant.
The intent of the prophet was not only restoration but that such a gift was open to all classes of mankind, which will come to perfection in those events surrounding the return of Jesus the Messiah. The prophecy was fulfilled but not completed. It awaits its ultimate fulfillment heralding the Day of the Lord.


Christ is portrayed as Defender of the Innocent, The Sender of The Holy Spirit and The Judge of The Nations.

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