14 JESUS COMFORTS HIS DISCIPLES-The disciples of Jesus had received disturbing news that Jesus was going away and that they could not go with Him. Jesus reassured them not to be troubled because at the conclusion of their age, they would be permanently with Him.

One of the disciples admitted to Jesus that he could not understand, so Jesus explained that He was The Way to The Father. Jesus is not one way of many, but The Way. In the early church Christianity was known and called “The Way”.

Jesus emphasised the intimate relationship that He has with God The Father, and He gave them a full disclosure of The Father, so that the disciples had a very real knowledge of Him. Jesus’ teaching and deeds were not of human origin and they began to understand who Jesus was and that they began to believe that Jesus was one with The Father.

Jesus promised that when He went away, He would send a gift from the Father to comfort them. The Holy Spirit is a helper who would always stand by them and lead them into all Truth. Jesus also spoke to them of His own appearances after His resurrection as well as His Second Coming.

The Holy Spirit is described in the Bible (amplified version) as being, the believer's comforter, counsellor, helper, intercessor, advocate, strengthener and stand-by. The ministry of The Holy Spirit is peace.

The peace that Jesus made possible is inner spiritual peace and is experienced by a believer despite surrounding turmoil. The true peace of God protects the hearts and minds from worry, fear and anxiety. A quite confidence regardless of circumstances.

The Holy Spirit reveals and inspires God's Words. The Holy Spirit is to seal, as a mark of God's ownership in believers' hearts, which guarantee believers they are established in Christ, and a knowing of their present salvation.

Jesus promised them He would give them peace with God by being reconciled to The Father. The peace that God gives is from The Holy Spirit and from fellowship with God and has its meaning in the Hebrew word Shalom, identified as no opposition, in accord with, totality, completeness, maturity, soundness, wholeness, harmony, security and well-being. It is freedom from internal disturbance. The Holy Spirit brings a contentment of well-being and wholeness into a believer’s heart, no matter what the circumstance.

A person finds God's peace that passes all understanding, within themselves when there is a submission to God, a total commitment. Peace with The Living God is made through the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Peace is found in the presence of God, and is the opposite of disorder and confusion. It reflects the character of God. Jesus gives His disciples the foundation of peace. It is a peace that is there, no matter what is happening around or in amongst circumstances. Peace is a resource that The Comforter gives to all believers. He changes situations to bring about peace. The Holy Spirit also brings peace into human relationships and situations. God's peace can be known as tranquillity within, given from The Holy Spirit, peace with self and with Him as Sovereign. To be familiar with God and His peace is to know His will. Everything concerning God's will is in the Bible.

Disciples who are humble depend upon God, and seek Him in all situations, are guaranteed to receive God's peace in Christ.

It is of great comfort to know that the Bible and God's Spirit can be relied upon for answers, wisdom and peace for daily living. God promises that in times of crisis, His peace will always be there, and in these times believers will know it.                                                            

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