32 JESUS APPEARS TO HIS DISCIPLES-The two disciples who had seen The Risen Christ Jesus on the way to Emmaus returned to Jerusalem. There they found the Eleven and those with them, assembled together. They reported that Jesus had risen just as the women had said, to their amazement the others agreed for they too had been told that Jesus had also appeared to Simon Peter.

Later that evening the disciples had met behind locked doors, in fear of the Jewish Leaders, and while the two were relating how they had recognized Jesus, suddenly Jesus was standing there amongst them, although Thomas was not there. Despite the fact that the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them. He was able to appear and disappear miraculously because of His glorified resurrected body.

Jesus greeted them and those gathered there were startled and frightened, thinking they had seen a ghost. But Jesus indicated to his scars on His hands and feet that had been caused by the nailing on the cross and quickly they came to Him, clasped His feet and worshiped Him. He also ate with them that night.

He who was raised on the first day of the week was the same as the One who had died three days earlier. No one but God can take up their Life after they have died.

The disciples started to remember what Jesus had said would happen concerning Himself. They had told Thomas what was witnessed by them all, but Thomas doubted Christ's resurrection and his doubts had a purpose, for he wanted to know the truth. Thomas was not going to believe them unless he himself had seen Jesus with His nail wounds and put his own finger in the hole of His hand, including his pierced side, wounded by the Roman soldier's spear. Despite his scepticism, Thomas was still loyal to other believers and Christ. He was not stubborn or hard hearted. He knew his fellow disciples as men of integrity and should have believed them with assurance that what they said about seeing Christ resurrected was true. Yet he could not be convinced for eight days that their witness of Christ was real. He did not trust their word for it seemed too incredible.

For a week his friends were joyful that their Lord had risen, yet that time was melancholy and perplexing for Thomas, but they still welcomed him as their close friend. Either he had to see the evidence or not believe of the resurrection. Eight days later when Thomas was with the other disciples, suddenly Jesus was standing there amongst them and He said to Thomas "Put your finger into My hands and put your hand into My side, don't be faithless, believe". Thomas, in that moment knew all doubt had gone, and exclaimed his worship for Jesus, His Lord and God. Jesus appeared and alleviated Thomas' doubts. Jesus had knowledge of what Thomas had said to his fellow disciples even though Jesus was not present when Thomas had said it.

In His post-resurrection appearances Jesus had a body that was both spiritual and physical in nature. There were many eyewitness Resurrection appearances of The Lord Jesus Christ. The first event was early Sunday morning outside the tomb in the garden to Mary Magdalene, then the two disciples on the road to Emmaus that afternoon and early evening. Jesus appeared to Simon Peter that same day before the two returned to Jerusalem. He appeared that night to ten disciples in the upper room who were behind locked doors. One week later He appeared again to eleven disciples in the upper room. Later one morning at daybreak to seven of the disciples who had gone fishing. Still later, eleven disciples on the mountain in Galilee saw Him. Again later to more than five hundred of His Disciples at the same time and to James and forty days after His Resurrection at His Ascension from the Mount of Olives (Bethany).

There are many incidents to prove the Resurrection of Christ, here are just a few. The Empty Tomb-The Roman Seal-The Temple Guards who were as if dead-The Roman Guards-The Missing Body-The Empty Grave Clothes-Transformation of The Disciples from being afraid to boldly preaching and suffering persecution, even death because of it-The testimony of The Church itself-The Lord's Day which was changed by Jewish Christians as the First Day of the week to worship Jesus Christ as their Lord and God.


The Resurrection of Christ is historically attested and well documented as an event that happened. The occasions were eye-witnessed by hundreds of people, who talked with and physically touched the Resurrected Lord. 

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