In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. This small sentence is one of the most truthful ever stated, and it teaches us about God; that the Godhead is creative, eternal, in control of the universe and all its galaxies spinning throughout the vast universe. Everything is to a pattern, a complex design, functioning with order and efficiency.
God has the capability to preserve all these bodies in their sequence. As the Creator is distinct from His Creation, he is the authority over human beings, whom he also created out of love to fulfill his plans, precepts and purposes.
The universe is far too complex for 'it just to have happened by chance' as many people might think.

Only the Bible shows One Complete Being creating not only the earth, the galaxies, the Universe, but also the heavens all of which cannot contain the greatness and enormity of God.
The Bible says God created it out of love and giving humans, who are created in his image a special place in it.

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