Isaiah was a Major Prophet of Old Testament Israel 740-680 B.C.

The Book of Isaiah is a significant classic Book. It is like a miniature Bible. Like thirty-nine Books of The Old Testament Isaiah has 39 chapters filled with Judgement, so too the final 27 chapters declare a messianic message of hope, as does the 27 books of New Testament.

Isaiah means 'God is Salvation'

The Book was written over 700 years before Christ and gives a preview of Jesus Christ. Prophecies are in poetic form and presents Isaiah's attempt to convince the people to obey God. The first part of The Book of Isaiah imaged Israel and the last part of the book the prophet uplifted The Messiah. There is one chapter that prophesied of The Saviour who was to bear the people's sin. Isaiah as a book records and unveils both God's Judgements and His Salvation. The imagery is vivid and powerful.

Much of Isaiah's ministry took place at the Royal Court in Jerusalem.

The Book of Isaiah is the first Major Prophetic Book and is a Pre-exile book, the sixth poetry and wisdom book and does include Royal History among the accounts.

 Prophecies of Coming Judgement

 Prophecies of Blessings

 King Hezekiah

 Prophecies of Messianic Hope

 Prophecies of Glorious Future

ISAIAH 30:18


Security in God's promises can be assured of by His capabilities. When a situation looks hopeless, turn to God. Believers can trust and rely upon Him to be faithful to keep His Word. He is faithful and will not abandon His promises made. After repentance or justice, there is always the Love and Mercy of God.

God's people are assured of His love for them. The Lord will bountifully supply for the needs of His people. Do not rely on anyone or anything to be faithful except God, The Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the ultimate evidence of God's faithfulness to His promises. God's people experience the blessings of His grace and the fulfilment of His good purposes for them.

God wants to bless those who come to Him. God wants to be His people's Teacher, Guide, Giver, Healer and Defender. He desires to be gracious to His people and pour out His goodness upon them. God's faithfulness is known through His fulfilled promises and His faithfulness is revealed to those who are faithful to Him.

God is perfect in His loyalty and He is consistent in being true to His name, His character and His Word. God will continue to show His grace to those who remain true to Him.


Christ is portrayed as The Branch of Jesse, Fulfilled the Prophecies of Isaiah, The Saving Work of Christ, His Sacrifice, His Character, Atonement, Complete Redeemer, Servant and King, Everlasting Father.

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