God’s good purpose is His grace in perfecting the character of those who believe. Trust and obedience to Him cannot be separated. Salvation has been granted not just for a believer’s own profit but also for the benefit of others. They too will manifest the new life worked in them to live worthy of the Gospel of Christ.

They will also have an attitude of humbleness and regard others as important as themselves and be concerned with their needs. With God working within all believers, their moral living, ministries and services cannot help but succeed.

God accomplishes His good and perfect will and acts though those who are willing, available and desire to be of use in His work in changing lives. A faithful accurate Christian witness is an effective influence for the Truth of Christ.

Communal deliverance of the church can only be accomplished by and through God‘s power. As God works upon hearts, reconciliation and harmony is achieved among the community. The purpose of God‘s heart is to honour His Son.

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