Hope is an anticipated, positive outcome and an expectation for the future. When grounded in God, hope enables the Christian to live life confidently, even in the times of trouble.

A believer who has confidence in God's goodness and providential care has His peace and security rooted inwardly in their being. This is called Christ centred hope.

God expects believers to have hope for it leads to specific results, wisdom, rest, restoration, renewal and eternal life.

Hope is more than vague wishing, it is knowing and trusting in God's faithfulness. It is a gift from The Holy Spirit.

HOPE is something that you know will happen, as apposed to wishing for desires that might happen.

A Christian's hope is assuredly knowing their future extends beyond this life and their death, to eternity with God Himself, a place that He has prepared. It is the reality that has already been guaranteed by Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the hope of all believers, for their resurrection and future glory. Hope is a Christian virtue, it enduces a longing for what will be, when Jesus returns.

Hope gives believers encouragement, enjoyment, restoration, a solution to problems, motivation, leads to godly living, boldness for witnessing and evangelizing.

Hope enables believers to face suffering with assurance. Hope also assures believers of their heavenly inheritance and to face death with confidence of an eternal dimension with their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Hope in a believer knows God's love, patience, compassion, His grace and mercy.

Godly hope encourages trust, belief in truth, repentance, self-denial, humility, thankfulness, prayerfulness, watchfulness, forgiveness towards others, hospitality, generosity, kindness, gentleness, unselfishness. There is hope for the sanctity of life, courage, always forward looking and being positive.

Hope gives a desire to the believer to walk with God and obey His will, and encourages a strong stand against evil as well as confident, victorious spiritual warfare.

Hope evaluates priorities; putting God first, living by His Word, preferring God's way instead of sinful advice, waiting rather than being impetuous, choosing to be creative instead of laziness and putting true riches above all earthly wealth, including anything that is temporal.

Hope itself is a motivator. Hope never gives up, never quits.
Hope puts eternal joy before hardship

Hope follows The Holy Spirit rather than human nature. Hope desires peace rather than disharmony, and leads to Truth rather than falsehood and deception. An absence of hope leads to loss of direction and ultimately despair, which contrasts sharply with a Christian's virtue of hope. It brings a sense of being abandoned by God and a deep longing for life to end.

The outcome of lack of hope ends in futile self-effort, rather than a victorious trust and confident hope in God for reassurance in this present life.

With Hope there is progress and development, both of the individual believer and the Body of Christ. There is spiritual growth for the person with hope who seeks wise counsel and direction from God.

Christian hope includes the trusting and loving relationship with God that involves the mind, heart and will, which brings knowledge of Him through the revelation of Christ.

Scripture affirms hope for all and provides examples of both real hope and misplaced hope.

Hope is a strengthening from The Holy Spirit that goes beyond expectation, to refuge in God.

The New Testament encourages a Christ-centred hope which motivates genuine sincerity.
All creation hopes for redemption.

Hope is closely connected to salvation and in the New Testament is associated with the Hope of Christians with the Hope of Israel.

The Holy Spirit witnesses hope in a believer and greater hope expands, the greater the depth of assurance of Christ's inheritance becomes.

A believer knows in whom they hope.

SCRIPTURES 1 Thessalonians 5:8, Titus 2:13, Philippians 3:20, Psalm 22:4, Ephesians 2:12.
QUESTIONS 1] What gives confidence in God and His Word? 2] What does the absence of God's Word do? 3] What does having the knowledge of God's Word do? 4] How does God allow His Character to be known?

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