HAGGAI Minor Prophet of Post-exile era date 520 B.C.

The Book of Haggai was written to the returned exiles in Jerusalem for the purpose of encouraging them to complete Zerabbabel's Temple.

Haggai means festive

The Book of Haggai is small but direct in telling the people to get priorities in order before expecting blessings. The content teaches of not placing self-interest before the Will of God. There are four sermons not only for the present but also for the future, two being rebukes and two of encouragement. Each message given was dated monthly and also records the people's response.

The Word of God from Haggai turned discouragement into enthusiasm in expecting The Messiah. The priests and Zerubbabel were personally addressed that God would overthrow the nations and there would be future recognition of The Messiah.

The prophet was one of the people who had returned from Babylonian exile. God announced that He is the owner of all the treasure of the world and would provide the material needed. Encouragement continually was repeated to assure those who work for God has God with them.

The Book of the prophet Micah is the first Book of Post-exilic Prophecy and the tenth Book of the Minor Prophetical Books of which there are twelve. The text includes Post-exile History.


HAGGAI 1:13 (b)

'To be with you' is the greatest commitment God can make to any believer. God responds to His people by promising to be with them, to strengthen and help them. God's presence brings blessings. He assures those who are repentant and obedient, that He is always with them. God promised to be with those who obey Him and bless them.

God's Word stresses for people to rely on Him for blessings. His promises are irrevocable, they are unchanging and they stem from His goodness. God's promises are to be received by His people trustingly. God is the source of all blessings. God meets the needs of those who revere Him. A promise of God always brings comfort and encouragement, as His Word is taken into action. Encouragement from a promise of God renews the desire to do His Will and stirs the right attitude in a believer's heart.

When God blesses individuals, He grants them favour and bestows goodness and happiness upon them. Spiritual and material blessings are given by God to be enjoyed. God is the source of all blessings. God's presence is a powerful guarantee of assurance of a successful outcome no matter how severe the opposition or difficulties might be.

Blessings are a gift from God.

Christ is portrayed as The Signet Ring in the person of Zerubbabel, Temple Builder, and The Desire of The Nations.

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