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HABAKKUK Minor Prophet of Pre-exile era date 612-589 B.C.

The Book of Habakkuk reveals that God is always in control of the world despite the apparent triumph of evil. God has power to use the evil in the world to do good.

Habakkuk means one who embraces

The Book of Habakkuk explains faith in God alone supplies answers instead of questioning evil in the world. Evil will be destroyed and the importance of Habakkuk's text is that God is just. The prophet could not understand the ways of God. The reference work informs readers that Hubakkuk was connected to Temple worship and may have also been a priest.

The Book of Habakkuk is divided into two parts by the problems of the prophet and then the praise to God as a song of confidence in Him. The prophet understood He could trust the Almighty Sovereign God with His plans and purposes for the world without a doubt that He is in control.

The Book of the prophet Micah is the eighth Book of the Minor Prophetical Books of which there are twelve. The text includes Pre-exile History.


Those who trust God live His plan for their life, relying on His promises of abundant life.

The proud elevate themselves and brag of conquests. The haughty rely on self-ability for accomplishments. A righteous believer keeps God's commandments. God requires uprighteousness of His people.

In contrast to the proud, the just will truly be saved through faithfulness to God. It is not a one-time act, but a way of life for a true believer. A righteous person depends upon The Lord, The Sovereign God. Those with righteous hearts are turned towards God, they want to obey His will, be close and have a personal loyal relationship with Him. They are stable in all their ways. The righteous is morally steadfast.

God loves the righteous; He protects, provides, blesses and listens to their petitions. God has a reward for the righteous. The righteous are secure.

Trust in God's reliability, stability, and security is the basis for reliance and dependability in and on God.

God counts believers righteous because of Christ and will be presented blameless before God. Believers should be blameless in their Christian life.

His grace overshadows those who trust Him for their righteousness which causes them to have life.

Christ is portrayed as The Saviour

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