25 GOD'S PERSONAL GIFT TO THE WORLD- When the world's condition favoured the appearing of God's Gift to the world, it was the appointed time set by God for believers to become adult sons and heirs. From the time of the first promise in Genesis to the last prophecy given in Micah, when man's own efforts for human restoration had proven a complete failure, through their efforts of philosophy and religious legislation, the particular season was chosen by the infinite wisdom of God that people might obtain redemption from perishing under the curse of The Law and receive deliverance from God's Wrath.

God's Gift didn't arrive late or early, but came right on schedule when erroneous empty worldwide spirituality had produced a spiritual hunger by many for the genuine and not a counterfeit. God's gift came at a time when there was a state of profound peace. The Roman Empire was at the peak of power and the

Grecian lifestyle seemed fulfilling. The Roman Empire controlled peace over the civilized world.

Travel and commerce was made available to areas that had been previously impossible. Vast Roman roads were accessible when God's Gift, Jesus Christ, was sent forth to satisfy spiritual hunger and to free those who believe on Him from the curse and from slavery of sin.

There was however a general expectation among the Jewish community of the arrival of God's Messiah. That perfect selected occasion God filled with Himself for their redemption. At God's timing when the exact religious, cultural and political conditions were set, His perfect Gift was given. A truth that Jesus repeatedly affirmed. The fact that The Father sent Jesus into the world teaches of His pre-existence as the Eternal Second Member of the Godhead.

Freely given, God gave His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ to a sinful, undeserving humankind. The Son, the Second Person of the Godhead was divinely commissioned. Jesus was prearranged, chosen, sent, and anointed for His work by and with divine authority. God's Gift came from Himself into the world as His intermediate accompaniment to do God's work, to declare His glory and was sent by His own free will and consent. His prepared purpose was to redeem His people from the bondage that sin had placed upon mankind, from righteous wrath, guilt, misery and eternal death, for believers to receive adoption, brought near to God, to be part of His family, bear His likeness, possess His Grace and be with Him forever. Jesus Christ was sent forth to pay the price of their liberation, to do a work of God with the result that through Him, humankind might have adoption to become heirs and sons of God and not slaves, to be co-heirs with Christ, through whom salvation comes.

God designated His Son and His Spirit for the gracious Gift of God in The Work of Christ that allows His people to have a relationship with Him. God's Son as God's Gift was not His created servant or messenger but His Son of Himself, the Son who is the brightness of His glory and well-beloved, who was given a human body and a human nature. God's Gift of the Eternal Son, born of a woman, born into the nation of Israel and the truth of prophecy is witness to His unique personage. A descendant of Abraham and born under The Law, consequently being made subject to Jewish Law. (The spirit of sonship is contrasted to the spirit of slavery). Not begotten after the course of fleshly nature, but formed by The

Holy Spirit and born of a virgin.
Born of woman refers to the promise in Genesis 3 and to the humanity of Jesus who was born under the conditions of the Jewish Law. Unlike anyone else Jesus fully obeyed the Law. He did not take the form of an angel but of the seed of Isaac, as promised and prophesied. Originally He was the divine Lawgiver and as such was above it, but as mediator, He was liable to its obligations. He honoured it and kept it perfectly without fault, no evil deceit was found in Him. He taught it and vindicated it. He fulfilled it. God's Gift did not belong under The Law, but in condescending grace. God's Gift who was truly God, became man that humankind might be saved, the way by which redemption has been provided. Without Christ, humankind is lost without a future; God's Gift sets believers free. His death was of infinite value. He died as a substitute for man because He became man to do so. As long as men and women were slaves to the Law they could not become adopted sons and daughters.
As God's Gift, He was both the victim for sin and High Priest of a Royal Priesthood of believers. The only way to become children of God is by adoption through God's Good Gift, The Lord Jesus Christ. God's Gift allows humankind to become full members of God's household. His Gift is His own Son.


God is the First giver; He first selflessly gives Himself to humankind in the person of his Son.                                      

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