God created male and female equal as persons to rule and reign. God blessed them and gave them dominion-A joint-relationship. Male and female both alike bear the image of God. Many people thing it was an order of superiority instead of an order in line i.e. God was first, next male, then in line, female.

Male and female each have the same equality and harmony. In Genesis chapter 5:2 "he called them Adam"; adam is the meaning of man, i.e. mankind, as well as a personal name.

Male is man, female is womb-man, means 'a man with a womb' -woman; wombman has become woman. In God, woman is not without man and man is not without woman.

The woman lost her equal role, she was enticed to upset this unity and took leadership over the man, which caused man to also forfeited his position. She lost her position through being cheated by false doctrine and doubting God. The result is that both have ruined their equal rank.

Even though sin, (being apart from God) entered the human race because of this event, God worked a redemptive plan though the offspring of a woman, Jesus Christ, The Lord. He promised to restore what woman had lost.

Order of Creation
Man created first, then woman made second.

Order of The Fall
Woman first, man followed.

Order of Redemption
God and Woman bring forth a man by The Holy Spirit, Christ Jesus.

New Creation Order
Christ, Head of The Church, which is His Body of people. Redemption (rescue) brings back the divine order. The male and female equality partnership.


Prophetesses-Judge of Israel-Women helped make the Tabernacle of Moses-The Law of the Nazarene is for both men and women. God used women and children by wisdom, witness, and wise counsel-Women shared in property inheritance-Women were protected-A woman saved the whole nation of Israel from annihilation-Women were ministry singers in the order of David and The Temple of Solomon down through the ages-teacher of scripture to the chhildren.

Proverbs Chapter 31, is written to honour women. The woman who fears God shall be praised. Like others, she is to seek first His Kingdom and blance responsibility and relationships wisely. Godl;y women have spiritual and practical wisom, are resourceful and creative.

Women in The Old Testament were protected, her rights were safeguarded and their freedom was preserved. Under Divine law her liberties were greater than those of women of other nations. Her social standing was more respectable than that of a heathen woman.


Christ brought the greatest honour and respect to women above all other nations and cultures. Christ and His Apostles overthrew the traditional attitude that had been formed towards women. Angels appeared to women-Jesus Himself, the second Adam, was born of a woman, women of great faith are in the list of the human genealogy of Christ- Jesus allowed women to touch Him- He talked with them, taught them, ate with them and he healed them. The first missionary was a woman-the first to receive the message of the resurrected Lord, and command to tell the men, was a woman-the first person to see the resurrected Christ was a women. There were female disciples that traveled with Jesus-He taught them like he taught men-The gift for eternal life was first offered to a woman, by Jesus. He also chose a faithful female disciple to be the first bearer of The Good News of His Resurrection to His other followers, namely the Apsotles.

Through the example of Jesus and His attitude towards them, women were prominent in the early church, which is the Body of Christ.


Both men and women were in the Upper room at Pentecost and all received the Baptism of The Holy Spirit-God permitted the raising from the dead, a woman who was helpful to the needy-the first Christian in Europe was a women-Priscilla was a female teacher of The Word of God-there were prophetesses-Phoebe was a deacon-Lydia was an elder, (same word for bishop)-There were female apostles-many were ministers of the Gospel of Christ-Women were equal co- workers with men in the fact of spreading the Gospel-Many women in the early church taught The word of God-Women had the spiritual gifts of The Holy Spirit, the same as men.

All are one in Christ - All are one in The Spirit - All are one in God, He has no favorites.

God requests that children honour their Father and their Mother.

Women led the people in dance before the Lord in praise, thanksgiving and worship.

Women scriptually have been used in both the Old and The New Testaments and today in the following areas of gifts of the Spirit, writing, music, office, publications, teaching, shepherding, hosting, visitation, distribution, and speaking The Word of God. Many religious leaders rely on the ministries of women. Women have always been highly ranked in spiritual endeavors. There are approximately 200 named women in The Bible and approximately the same number unnamed, but most have descriptions of their characters.

Many people do not understand Paul's writing and his teachings correctly.

Paul knew that Phoebe was a deacon and he knew of others that were elders (bishops) and apostles. Paul was a personal friend of Priscilla, who had a wider teaching ministry than her husband Aquilla. He knew the women of Corinth had many spiritual gifts, which they used for the edification of the people by speaking out aloud in church.

When Paul talks of not letting a woman (the word translated means 'wife' ) teach, he means 'not to lord it over her husband in public', and when Paul writes that women must be silent in church, he meant that the 'wife' should ask her husband questions at home later, and not during the meetings, for they were just learning the Scriptures. Jewish women were not allowed to learn scripture under the Jewish Religious system; the non-Jewish women were finding their new role and position in Christianity and also were learning the Words of God from the Pentateuch.

All the women in ministry he called co-workers. Throughout Paul's letters, he makes it quite clear that all, whether male or female recognize and be in submission to the Headship of Christ over His Body and to those in Authority. Paul, submitted himself under the authority of the Jerusalem Church.


Today morals have become more lax and this has caused society to degenerate. God-fearing women are vital representatives in the nations.

The Spirit and The Word are always in agreement.

The Holy Spirit anoints women, the same as men. The Truth of all things are in The Word of God, and The Word of God does not contradict itself. It is ignorance of His Word that hold many people blinded to His Word, His Plans and Purposes, and keeps in the dark the traditions of mankind.

SCRIPTURES Micah 6:4, Judges 4:4, Luke 2:37-38, 8:1-2, 11:38-42, Galatians 4:28, Acts 2.
QUESTIONS 1] What were the ministries of women according to The Old Testament? 2] How did Jesus treat women? 3] What are the ministries for women in The New Testament? 4] Is there any separation of sex, age or race in Christ?

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