The Fatherhood of God

Before anything else existed, in the beginning was God, The Father. He has always existed as The Father and continues to do so. God, The Father, is a distinct person, eternal and self-existent, invisible, immortal. The Father is pre-eminent above all things. He dwells in light, which no man can approach.

The Father is the First Cause of every procedure. He is The Original, The Source and Foundation, The Beginning, The Absolute of all Wisdom. He is all-seeing, all-knowing, all-encompassing, all present, all powerful.

All work belongs to The Father in so far as that it proceeds from Him.

The Father is the establisher of mankind's redemption, the Covenant maker, the Covenant Keeper, The Covenant Promiser, The Architect, The Designer, The Controller, Sustainer, Preserver, Truth and Spirit. He is Light, Life and Love.

Love is at the heart of God The Father, He is a lover. Goodness is of the Father and providential care for all of His creation.

He has always had a Father's heart, since the beginning of creation. His compassion moves Him to have mercy upon the sinner. He is rich in His mercy and great kindness towards us. He is The Father of mercies.

Only through the personal experience of a covenant relationship with the Saviour of mankind Jesus Christ, can believers claim the Fatherhood of God. All have not chosen to be citizens in the family and kingdom of God. Every believer has the cry of The Holy Spirit to the Father.

God has revealed His Fatherly care for His people throughout the Old and New Testaments of The Bible. God the Father is a father of all men of all nations, but the fact that God The Father is kind to the unjust as well as the just does not imply that He is a personal Father to all. This fact of becoming a personal Father to an individual becomes real when a person becomes born anew into His family. All have not chosen to be citizens in the family and kingdom of God. The spiritual relationship with The Father is not universal.

Only through the personal experience of a covenantal relationship with The Saviour of mankind, Jesus Christ, can believers claim the Fatherhood of God. Every believer has the cry of the Holy Spirit to The Father.

God has revealed His Fatherly care for His people throughout the Old and New Testament of The Bible.

Believers are children of God. God is the Father of all Christian believers; He adopts believers of Christ into His family. One Father means one family of unity. Believers are heirs but also citizens in The Fathers Kingdom.

He is The Father above all fathers. The privilege of being God's children is through the finished work of Christ on the cross. The name Father reveals what He does and who He is and this is the basis by which God has determined how believers are to relate to Him.

He is a Holy Father, a Righteous Father. Believers have an exclusive communicative access to Him and confidence in Him.

The Father is the supreme authority within the family and God has always presented a family atmosphere. A Father provides and shelters His children. As well as a Discipline role, there is a tender side.

The title Father is one which stirs feelings and awakens tender emotions of the heart especially since believers know that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit went to the cross together for our sakes.

The name Our Father is for use by the family of the redeemed.

Father expresses the love and confidence of the child. He is also a jealous Father. As Father He protects and comforts, is our defense against all odds. He compasses our paths. He has unequalled majesty in His role as Father God.

He has ability to perform anything and accomplish His Fatherly purposes. As well as being the majestic Sovereign Creator and Father of all authority, He is also a personal Father affirming an intimate contact with those who declare their sonship and daughtership because of Christ.

All disciples of Christ enter a personal covenant relationship with God, The Father, who recognise Him as Lord over all things and give to Him the rightful place of supremacy. Fatherhood signifies God's pattern relationship to His creation, especially believers as children of God. He cares for His covenant people. God's Fatherhood involves the maintenance of special relationship to disciples of Christ.

God is uniquely The Father of Jesus, through The Holy Spirit.

Jesus showed to the human race the nature of God, The Father during His life upon this earth and in everything he spoke. His nature can be determined in the Sermon on the Mount, preached by Jesus in the book of Mathew, chapters 5,6 and 7.

Not only is God known by His Supreme acts and power, but also with His presence as Father with His people.

Believers are spiritual children of God and they are encouraged in Scripture to imitate their Heavenly Father's principles in daily living and as His children, they have their needs always supplied. They have a true inheritance and are eternally secure.

The notion of Father is derived from God and not human beings. Human Fatherhood is patterned on The Fatherhood of God. 'Our Father' means one family in unity. All believers are related to Christ. God The Father adopts believers into His family. Believers are God's children and His heirs by adoption. The adopted child gains all the rights to The Father's Kingdom as heirs of Christ. The Father shields those in His family from His wrath.

God, The father has never ceased being The Father. While equal with The Son and The Holy Spirit in presence, it is the order of personality, office and operation, which permits God, The Father to be officially acknowledged first.

As a Father, He does not abandon his children. Sonship and Daughtership qualify as true heirs with an inheritance Christ the Firstborn, shares his portion to all fellow family members.

Believers revere God as their righteous Heavenly Father. As Father, He understands and is sympathetic of human weaknesses. He exercises His provisional care as well as correction. He is The Father of His Covenant people, of all believers in Christ and has an intimate relationship with those who belong to His family.

Christians revere and honour God, The Father, and rely on their Heavenly Father
in and for all things.

God, The Father, takes the deliberate action of inviting mankind the privilege of becoming a member of His family. He adopts those who believe in Him and grant them the benefits of His Salvation. This adoption is the outcome of justification by His grace. The sons and daughters of God's household receive both privileges and responsibilities. Becoming heirs with Christ the firstborn of a new resurrected creation, they are expected to shun evil, live in peace and love, live obediently and to be ever watchful.

Blessings, faithfulness, gift giving are characteristics of the relationship of God, The Father to His children. God as Father is to be revered by His children of His kingdom.

God sent His Son.

SCRIPTURES Hosea 11:1, Matthew 5,6,7, John 1:12, 1 Corinthians 8:6, Hebrews 12:5,6.
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