GALATIANS Date A.D. 48-53

The Book of Galatians gave satisfactory answers to those who perhaps thought that ceremonial practices of The Old Testament were still binding to New Testament believers.

Galatians means the Celtic inhabitants of the Roman Province of Asia Minor occupied by migrants from Gaul.

Few documents have made impact like this short letter by The Apostle Paul. Throughout the letter to the believers at Galatia, The Apostle Paul clearly established and sustained the gospel he preached. His opposers, being legal Judaisers continually brought new converts into works of the Law for justification, enslaving them into legalism. The Book of Galatians is basic and essential to the theology of that man is justified by faith in Jesus Christ. It is the defense of Christian Freedom. The rediscovery of this message brought about the Reformation. Freedom in Christ meant freedom to produce the fruits of righteousness. This letter was forcefully written with emotional outrage to show the superiority of Grace and is the most furious of The Bible. The anger reflects the serious problem. This Righteous anger is the same anger Jesus felt when cleansing The Temple at Jerusalem. The Apostle Peter is also publicly rebuked by Paul. Legalism is motivated by pride; freedom in Christ gives a personal relationship with God. The traits of a Christian character, virtue and the fruitfulness of The Holy Spirit are described in this book, however Paul was not a hypocrite by being angry and stern.

The Book of Galatians is the fourth of nine New Testament doctrinal and discipleship letters written by The Apostle Paul to the early churches. These books are also considered History Books containing teaching. It is also the ninth of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.


 Law and Grace

 Liberty and Faith

 Priority of The Promise

 The Purpose of The Law

 Life by The Spirit

 Fruit of The Spirit

GALATIANS 3:28 (b)

Christ exhorts His disciples to abide in Him. Christians in unity give and support one another, living in harmony because of the same trust and belief in God's Word. The unity of God's people is a distinguishing characteristic, which derives from their common relationship with Him. Unity of God's people comes from the common receiving of The Holy Spirit, which transcends all barriers. Unity in Christ surpasses ethic, social and sexual distinctions. This unity is expressed in mutual concern and action toward one another, because of their union with Christ. Christ has eliminated any discrimination of those in The Kingdom of God. By adoption, the justified believer is a full heir in God's Family with the same rights, justice, freedom and privileges. All are new creations in Christ. Union with Christ by faith is the sharing in all the benefits that result from His person, who He is and His work. Believers are identified together with Christ. God's people include all who believe, they belong to the community of believers of which Christ is head, and they are intended to be filled with The Holy Spirit. It is God's ultimate goal to unite His people. The desire for such unity is a reflection that is expressed within The Godhead.

Alienation from God and one another is because of sin and God desires to reconcile humankind to Himself, united in worship.


Jesus is The Deliverer from The Curse and Bondage of The Law

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