God who made the stars and planets is the Total Sovereign over all His Creation and only He knows the future. No one but God alone knows the future.

Astrology is a means based upon supposed influences of the sun, moon, stars, comets and planets that plays a part in an individual's life and Divination is predicting the future by means known to certain people through reading or interpretation of omens and signs.

The bible rejects such claims. This is the opposite to the divine inspiration of God who revealed His plans for the future to His prophets and people through the Holy Spirit.

In The Bible there are many warnings of worshipping and seeking knowledge from the objects God placed in the heavens, sun, moon and stars. God, The Creator, stresses that He controls all the heavenly bodies and as objects, they demonstrate His power. Only He is due the worship and not the things that He Created. Astrology is to be rejected, for the worship of created heavenly bodies is forbidden, and the consultation of created stars is condemned.

Horoscope reading refers to astrology, the study of a star at birth by which the events of a person's life are supposedly foretold. Palmistry, psychic omens, spiritism, card readings, crystal gazing, stick casting, charm divination, all are of the occult to oppose the working of The Holy Spirit of God.

Fortune telling by Astrology and Divination is prohibited by God as a sin,
equal to idolatry.

The attempt to obtain secret knowledge of future events is done by those who do not seek The Creator who made the sun, moon and stars but assume they are in possession of secret knowledge that is desired by others and are willing to be parted from that supposed information mostly by the exchange of money.

Astrology is different from astronomy. Astronomy is scientific education of the universe to understand their movements. These heavenly bodies show forth the glory of their Creator. The mysteries are beyond human understanding. Astronomy demonstrates the greatness of God and His Creation and is used to determine seasons and dates. What scientists discover today have already been recorded in The Bible. The more the scientists discover about the design of the universe, the more they believe in a Creator.

The mysteries are beyond human understanding. Astronomy demonstrates the greatness of God and His Creation and is used to determine seasons and dates. What scientists discover today has already been recorded in The Bible. The more the scientist discovers about the design of the universe, the more they believe in a Creator.

The ability of humans to predict future events is non-existent. Despite the knowledge of mankind it fails to foretell the future correctly. It is only when people turn to the pages of The Bible, is there found a staggering number of foretelling that were made thousands of years ago concerning the future of nations and individuals. Everyone of these predictions has been fulfilled, except for the return of Christ and the end of the age, both of which are yet to happen. This is the divine knowledge of God.

Ancient mankind pondered the signs in the sky with skilled wisdom; it began by the Sumerians, as they developed the first form of astrology and occultism. This was broadened later by the Egyptians, Babylonians, and Chaldeans. All these nations were in the forefront of this field as was their expertise in astronomy, but the lesser educated countries were terrified of the movements in the heavens and from that stemmed the superstition of omens. Out of this priesthood of Astrologers came the lesser educated to practise witchcraft and sorcery to rival the academic astrologers.

The original astrology chart was planned on the position of the constellations for weather cycles in the ancient world, approximately 4,000 ago. It was carried over to predicting the future of human life and not just the weather by thinking that the studies of the constellation could reveal a person's character and future, similar to reading or acknowledging the weather pattern and seasons. The principle of Astrology and Divination cannot be supported scientifically or intellectually.

Many people know that astrology is a superstition that is totally unscientific, or credible.

Scholars point out that the position of the earth has changed in space since ancient times when the chart was recorded and as a result the signs of the Zodiac used by the astrologers today no longer match the constellations for which they were originally named for a cycle of weather patterns.

Hebrews (God's people) were not to seek signs and omens in the sky. Abraham's descendants were to marvel in awe of the God of Creation who made these heavenly bodies, and there are many accounts of this in both the New and Old Testament.

Moses and the prophets severely condemned the practice of foretelling, for it is idolatry, to seek information from other sources rather than from God Himself who is the only one who can reveal to mankind the future, for He is the Author of it.

One of the many sins of the people of Israel was wanting to do the same as other nations by worshipping the sun, the moon, the stars and objects of Divination. They were warned that they were not to indulge in such worship, and over the years many of their kings found it necessary to take away the sun images that people had erected, and uproot special omen trees. However the people persisted in this spiritual adultery and it led to their exile.

It is to be noted that Daniel and his three friends in the Book of Daniel in exile were forced to be closely associated with the Babylonian astrologers, but always keeping themselves distant from their pagan ways (people who do not acknowledge the God of the Bible; someone who is an unenlightened person). Again and again the Babylonian astrologers failed to perform their tasks correctly and it was Daniel, through God-given wisdom and inspiration who was able to perform the demands for the king.

Paul considered a fortuneteller to be demon possessed. He exorcised the evil spirit out of a woman who made a living for her employers by fortunetelling. Acts 16: 16-18. The basis of Astrology and Divination in occultism has remained unchanged since the Babylonian times.

Horoscopes were first professionally devised in Babylon, although the view of studying the heavenly bodies to determine individual destines originated much earlier in ancient Mesopotamia. Horoscopes became popular because of the zodiac with the twelve constellations and characteristic signs. This practice was forbidden under the Mosaic Law, and is forbidden to the Christian person of today. The Holy Spirit is the Christian's true guide in this life.

The sun, moon and stars were created by God and the universe is sustained by God. Just as cardboard of which tarot cards are made cannot tell a person's future life, of what lies ahead, neither can the created heavenly bodies, but God who created them can and only He knows a person's destiny.

Only God gives wise men their wisdom and scholars their intelligence. Only God reveals mysteries beyond mankind's understanding. With the exception of God's Word and His people, all other cultures are easily lead into a superstitious state.

Divination is practised mainly by Astrologers, Enchanters, Magicians, Sorcerers, Seers, Mediums and those who practise witchcraft in an attempt to communicate with the dark side of the spirit world and has disastrous affects.

Astrologers and their followers worship the created objects and not The Creator. Astrology is a priesthood.

Stargazers made monthly predictions (as they do today), stemming from the study of events concerning weather patterns, foretelling of events seemed to follow these. If the ancient wise men could predict the seasonal weather for farming and war, why not for the outcome of events including the lives of people? Just as kings wanted to know the outcome of war, people sought astrologers for the outcome of their future, they became preoccupied with their own destinies and still do so today.

Astrology and Divination however, is a root cause of superstitious fear and practised by pagan nations for thousands and thousands of years. The ancient astrologers were more skilled than both the astrologer and astronomists of today.

Forecasters of the future prosper on the fears, gullibility and insecurity of the people that are uninstructed, the ill informed, those bound by prejudice and superstition. Today it is frightening to think as knowledge and science has progressed, people have remained the same in their ignorance of material objects, believing them to disclosure human destinies.

Astrology is the belief in fatalism, which is all things have been determined by the stars, removing human freedom and responsibility. This is false worship and is in disobedience to God. The Christian is not to give any place to the devil, but to live according to the commands of Christ, if not, Christ is no longer enthroned supremely in the individuals life. The believer of Christ is to reject anything that does not glorify Christ, mindful of the fact that Jesus' own ministry was to destroy the works of the devil. For a Christian these fortune-tellers and the people who believe them are in conflict with God's Word.

Modern fortune-tellers are going against The Word of God for greed of money and notoriety, but all use the same time-honoured tools of the trade, all an abomination to God.

The binding of superstition and fear begins when a person reads the daily horoscopes in news papers and magazines seeking daily favourable outcome of events for their lives, this leads to personal visits with a psychic medium because of the desire of more to be revealed. Mediums are charlatans.

Christians, being secure in God, Their Creator who is The Creator of all, should feel no need to indulge in any form of fortune telling. All of the future is in the Hands of God.

People become gullible, easily deceived or cheated, enough to believe the stars (other suns) hold their future, actually have an underlying belief they can control, have regulation, domination over their future.

The Bible rejects the beliefs of seeking direction from mediums, and the worship of heavenly bodies is forbidden for the gathering of information by spiritual adultery. This is serious before God and it is prohibited for a person's own protection. Consistent strong warnings throughout God's Word would not be necessary if it was harmless.

Astrology and Divination of fortunetelling are attempts to discover the unknown future by the darker side of supernatural means. It has disastrous consequences. The spirit world is real and alluring, is powerful and dangerous. Deliberate seeking the future is outlawed by God. It is God's divine privilege to reveal or conceal things.

Only Jesus Christ can deliver those trapped into any part of the occult. The Victory of The Lord Jesus Christ in conquering Satan has made victory available for every believer in Him. The Christian needs to know the position of God's Word in all subjects and areas of life.

SCRIPTURES Deuteronomy 29:29, 2Kings 9:22, Ecclesiastics 8:7, Jeremiah 19:31, Acts 16:16-18.
QUESTIONS 1] What did Paul conclude through The Holy Spirit about the fortune teller? 2] Is the spiritual world of the occult dangerous? 3] Why is it God's right to reveal or conceal things? 4] Is an individual's future unknown to human beings?

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