9 FALSE MESSIAHS-The disciples then asked Him about the end of the age. Jesus told them the future would be marked by great distress as never before and never equalled again. He specifically links this period to the prophecy of Daniel 9:27. The sign in Daniel is an abomination set up in The House of God. A future ruler will establish an image of himself in The Temple. Jesus warned His followers there would be false messiahs with strength of character that shall come.

False messiahs are characterized as a "rival Jesus" a lordly, miracle-working success story, possessing a different spirit, a self-seeking motivation evidenced by a different life-style, and a different gospel that usually disregards The Cross. The false apostles’ preaching change The Word of God and appear to have been well trained in speech and sometimes claim visions and revelations specifically revealed to them that is different to The Word of God. The Bible has much to as about that which is false and deceiving. Adding and taking away from Scripture is a sure sign of a deceptive doctrine. Changing the meaning of a Scriptural verse is one of the most common ways any cult can be identified.

Jesus said their fruit in their doctrinal stand, including their ethical and moral principles, identifies these false prophets. Groups that follow a so-called enlightened personality are a strongly united assembly and rigid in belief and life habits. They are counterfeit to true Christianity.

Immediately after this, said Jesus, will be the sign of His Triumphant Second Coming. No one will know the day or the hour, but to watch for the signs. Jesus has warned all, that between His Resurrection and His Second Coming, that there is no need to go hunting to look for Him amongst false prophets. His coming at the end of the age will be very obvious, for every eye shall see Him arrive.


"If anyone tells you The Messiah has arrived at such and such a place or has appeared here or there, don't believe it, for false Christs shall arise and false prophets will do wonderful miracles, so that if it were possible even God's chosen ones would be deceived. See, I have warned you. So if someone tells you The Messiah has returned and is out in the desert, don't bother to go and look, or that He is hiding at a certain place, don't believe it. For as lightening flashes across the sky from east to west, so shall my coming be, when I, The Messiah return. And the nations of the world will see me arrive in the clouds of heaven with power and glory".


Reaching the Mount of Olives, Jesus spoke not of prophetic details but how those who believe in Him were to live until His return. He stressed the need to be ready, always expecting His Coming.
Jesus taught of judgement, in parables. Five wise virgins were bridesmaids and were prepared with plenty of oil for their lamps, ready for the out-door wedding procession were included in The Kingdom of God, and five were not prepared were not included.
In another parable, Jesus explained rewards were given to those who used wisely entrusted gifts for their Lord. He was away, and they would be required to give an account to receive their reward when He returns in glory.

Jesus again spoke of judgement as well as jubilation when He returns in a story about separating sheep (believers) and goats (unbelievers) at His return, before the end of the world. He was not talking about His Resurrection, but of His Second Coming.


Be prepared, you don't know the day or the hour".

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