The most important FELLOWSHIP to share is the closeness with Almighty God The Father, a relationship with Jesus, The Son and of union in and with The Holy Spirit. Those who fellowship with God share in His Grace and blessings of salvation, inheritance, of His family, of common faith, of common calling, of common hope, of sanctification and untlmately of share in His nature.
God blesses a people united in fellowship. There is fellowship in holding a common truth.

FELLOWSHIP is communion with God, it is the coming together of individuals who have a mutual union, sharing with others who are united in the belief of One Gospel, One Father, One Lord, and indwelt by One Holy Spirit. This fellowship surpasses all barriers and reflects the unity and partnership of the Triune Godhead.
It is the participation in the blessings of God and common work in spreading The Truth of Christ to others, consisting of sharing and serving. Christian fellowship is distinctly spiritual in regard specifically with the supernatural life of God. The people of God are a spiritual nation in accord with The Truth.

BELIEVERS ARE NOT TO FELLOWSHIP WITH any one who is not a follower of Jesus Christ, not socially, in marriage, business or any other way. This does not relate to the spiritual need of the unsaved to whom the gospel must be told. Believers should not have fellowship with unbelievers, nor share their lifestyle that because of sin and godless rebellion separates, brings selfishness and failure to exhibit true fellowship but Christians are obliged to help and share the knowledge of Christ with them.
Christians are not to be joined in any union with the blasphemous and irreverent community, as it is incompatible with God and His Word. Believers are not to associate with those who claim to be Christians but continue to sin and compromise God's Word with the secular world, and not with persons who cause division.

BELIEVERS ARE TO FELLOWSHIP WITH God and other Christians, having love for God and for one another. This love from God is deeper and more satisfying than any human love. Believers commune with The Living God Himself. Fellowship is made clear in the celebration of The Lord's Supper. Fellowship is with Jesus Christ, His presence is with His disciples. Disciples are united with Christ in His death and suffering of reproach.
Fellowship is between co-workers of The Gospel of Christ. Believers fellowship together because of their mutual experience in the blessings of God's grace. They are united with one another by the same Holy Spirit of God because of their reception to the offer of the benefits of salvation through Jesus Christ, their Lord.

BELIEVERS' FELLOWSHIP is in response to God's communication with humankind. Mankind needs the merciful and eduring love of God that fill the hearts of believers with sincere love for each other and for Him. The only reason mankind can have fellowship with God is because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His Son. God, Himself provided the only proper means for true human fellowship with Himself.
Believers fellowship with each other because they are set apart as a royal priesthood unto God. They have been enlightened by The Holy Spirit, which the world does not have and they do not have anything in common with those outside the family of God. Association of partner is a common undertaking. God has called His people to work together, to acknowledge and respect each other as human beings, to encourage, edify and support one another. Christian fellowship is also a practical reality because of their relatedness in Christ and to each other as members of God's family. Believers are to maintain the bond of unity with God and His people, established by His wisdom. Members are part of Christ and part of one another and have real compassion for each individual, sharing joys and burdens.
The early church set an example for the teaching of God's Word when meeting together. Disciples benefit greatly and are admonished when fellowship is corporate in Jesus' Name, for all belong to the One body and are fellow brothers and sisters. Believers are encouraged as they are reminded of their position in Christ and of God The Father's love.

-Believers have fellowship with God and each other ANYWHERE, anytime. The fellowship of the local church began early in Christianity with the breaking of bread and for corporate prayer regularly. Today the spiritual family in their common bond in fellowship with Christ supports growth, comfort and faithfulness. Disciples personally associate together in Christian partnerships and ministries as well as at local gatherings where the message of The Kingdom of God is demonstrated until the Return of Jesus Christ.
God has purposed that The Body of Christ assemble together to share spiritual abilities and experiences in Christ. The Holy Spirit works in believers to communicate to others the portion of Christ they have received.

BELIEVERS HAVE FELLOWSHIP primarily when they spend time privately in the presence of the Lord God, listening, sharing, studying, praying and committing everything in one's life to His Sovereignty.
Disciples of Christ are to be always ready to fellowship with other believers anywhere and any time the opportunity arises or is made. Christians are to be faithful to the Word of God by having fellowship with The Father, with Christ His Son and The Holy Spirit and sharing with each other all the time, not just at organised gatherings on a yearly calendar, but in everyday living. There is equal intimate communion with each believer when those who partake of The Lord's Supper have vital union with Jesus, who is The Lord and Head of His Church.
Fellowship is an ongoing lifestyle when or where there is the message of Christ to be shared, when working together, no matter how menial the task may be. Fellowship of such love and quality is an occurrence when salvation has been experienced.

FELLOWSHIP IS EXPRESSED by communion with God. Fellowship with Christ includes His sufferings of persecution. Fellowship in The Holy Spirit is an active vital experience.
Fellowship is shown among believers, in Christian service and unity. True sharing is established with fellow-workers who are receivers of God's grace and is demonstrated in concern and practical commitment to one another, by extending hospitality, prayer, support of the spreading and preaching of The Gospel and in the charitable work of The Body of Christ.
It is expressed by standing together in adversity, in worship, in their life shown by their love for each individual, especially in times of weaknesses and in the sharing with the poor and needy with material aids and interest. Believers strengthen and encourage each other, putting the needs of others first, living in harmony, showing equal care.

SCRIPTURES Ephesians 2:18,19, 1 John 1:5,6, 1 Corinthians 11:29-34, Matthew 18:19.
QUESTIONS 1] How is fellowship with God made possible? 2] What separates people from fellowship with God? 3] What are the blessings that are shared amongst those who share in God's grace?

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