Fallen Angels

God created angels, with a free will, for His Service and they are divided into orders according to their power and strength. There are far too many to count and they are more intelligent and knowledgeable than man, but they are not to be worshipped. Seraphs have six wings and they minister at God's Throne. Cherubim guard the Throne of God and have two or four wings. Archangels are the princes of the angels. There are angels sent forth to do God's Will, and to guard and minister to His people.

Lucifer, an anointed cherub, sometimes referred to as a previous archangel was created perfect in beauty, in wisdom, and led the angels in worship of God but he became jealous, he wanted the adoration of the angels for himself, so he attempted to take God's position and tried to be independent from God.

Because of his pride and greed he was cast out of heaven along with the angels who decided to join him in his rebellion against God and are now slaves to evil.

All angels were created good. There are myriads of angels, ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands, a multitude. Only 1/3 of these are fallen and they have not yet been cast into the final hell, Gehenna.

God could have destroyed all disruptive evil spirit beings, back then, but being superior in wisdom in dealing with this enemy (now called Satan) He used a progressive way, so that all could witness that this self-adulation and self-exaltation is ultimately wrong and both Satan and his followers will be destroyed, with the result of God's wisdom being Supreme.

God prepared the earth for the creation of mankind because of the rebellion of the fallen angels. The fallen angels are under God's judgement.

Satan's activities are limited by God and are always defeated by God's superior plan. Satan tries to interfere in all that God has planned and he uses humans as his tools to try and doubt God, to change God's Word and to try to change God's Plan. Many people think that fallen angels are demons but there is evidence to prove demons are a lower spiritual entity in the world of darkness, but also under the headship of Satan. Demons seek to inhabit other beings, but fallen angels apparently do not.

Satan was the first sinner and is still dependent on God for his existence. God did not create a wicked creature, but he created a free will being who chose to become evil because of self - centredness. The angels that did follow him are forever damned. God did not spare these angels when they sinned, but cast them to a prison pit. They were removed from the presence of God and kept in restraint in the deepest abyss of the underworld.

Fallen angels are opposed to God and His plans, they are resisted by God's faithful angels and are under the authority of Christ. The angels who refused to follow Lucifer (Satan) secured their eternity with God and cannot become evil.

These fallen angles are imprisoned waiting judgement. At present these lower angels are unwillingly restrained and bound ordered by God, in Tartarus awaiting judgement. This is not the Abyss, which is the habitation of demonic spirits, over which believer's triumph and have authority because of Jesus Christ. There is no trace of Satan, the fallen angels, demons or evil spirits during the Millennial reign of Christ.

The judgement of the fallen angels is allied with Satan and His final judgement, which may probably precede the judgement of the wicked dead at The White Throne Judgement. The place is not revealed. It does take place in the sphere of the heavens. The Redeemed in the (believers who have been consummated into the Kingdom) shall participate in the judging of the fallen angels.

All fallen angels and evil spirits, whether imprisoned or free to carry out the devil's work, await Judgement Day. (1 Corinthians 6:31) 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6 explain that all fallen spirit beings will be included in this judgement, the demonic hosts, all powers of darkness as well as the degraded angels.

Their judgement will happen at the time of That Great Day (which is not a 24 hour period of our time) and the fallen angels shall be cast to their destiny into Gehenna, which is the Eternal Lake of Fire that is never quenched, which is also the fate of their leader.



SCRIPTURES 2 Peter 2:4, 1 Corinthians 6:2-3.
QUESTIONS 1] Where are the fallen angels now? 2] Why are they called fallen angels? 3] Who will judge them?
4] What is their fate?

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