Religious Sects

The teachings of Christianity concerning central beliefs is called Doctrine. Grounding Truths  about God of all creation are throughout the Word of God.

The Bible gives very convincing scriptures for the study of God's Word in order to guard and teach true biblical and righteous standards, to keep for themselves the truth of the Old and New Testaments, to give believers means to defend it against all false theologies and assumptions, to equip believers for continual growth in the eternal truths of God, to give them strength for maturity, to reflect the examples of Christ, for Christians to have a deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God and experience it.

Christians have the responsibility to safeguard the truth of Christian doctrine in scripture and commit it to others without compromise or corruption.

Any teachings that contradict The Word of God lead people away from The Truth causing divisions amongst religious beliefs.
Christians are to be zealously loyal to Scripture, the inspired Word of God. Many Christians are ignorant and stay uniformed on Biblical issues, they rely upon pastors, evangelists, ministers, priests to pass on the truth, who they themselves may be full of error, hypocrisy and wickedness. Some may have a religious spirit [spirit of Jezebel], a lying spirit, a deceiving spirit, or a spirit of deception.

Jesus warned His followers that there would come "wolves in sheep's clothing". The pastoral letters of the New Testament continually warn against false teachers among the saints.

Growth into spiritual maturity through the Holy Spirit of Truth is the best defense against deception. Growth in the knowledge of Christ gives answers for error by understanding of The Truth of God's Word. Both The Word of God and The Holy Spirit safeguard against doctrinal error.

It is the responsibility of the Christian to know God's word thoroughly and The Bible encourages all to test the doctrine of leaders amongst them by the word of God. Their shepherds must believe and teach original scripture of the Old and New Testaments, and submit to its teachings.

Any religious group that teaches that they are the only correct group make it obvious they are a sect deceived by error. Those who teach/promote error are untaught and unstable in spiritual maturity. For this reason they allow themselves to be deceived and then believe and teach false doctrines

To discern false teaching is by their contents, lifestyle and the effects. False belief is valueless and leads people astray. False beliefs are to be shunned, but those who have been deceived need help.

Religions are formed after a person is dead. Christ is alive now and has always been in existence.
One great difference between Christianity and all other religions is that the believer has been requested by God the Creator, to pray to Him who is a prayer-hearing and prayer-answering God.
The Lord Jesus Christ is the only source of knowledge and power for attainment of true spiritual maturity. The transfiguration on the mount is proof of His Divinity. Matthew 17:1-8. People try to approach God on their own self-serving terms. The sources of false doctrine are the human mind or demonic. The dangers of false beliefs are instability and confusion.

The following list are religious sects that do teach doctrinal error, which is evident to all true Christians and even amongst non-Christians throughout the world.

*Note this is not an issue of salvation but of Doctrinal and teaching error.

Re-incarnationism, Christian Science, Spiritism, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormonism, 7th Day Adventists, Christadelphianism, Armstrongism, and Eastern Mysticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Primitive Religions.


Acts 17.11 They received the Word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily whether these things were so.
Matthew 28:19 In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Matthew 3: 16-17 Jesus baptised, Spirit descended, the Father spoke.

Re-incarnationism-Impersonal force Christian Science-God is infinite mind, the theory of three persons in one God suggests heathen gods. Spiritism-The doctrine of the trinity seems to have no adherents in advanced circles of the spirit world. The divinity of Christ is denied. Jehovah Witnesses-The trinity is nonsense taught by gray-haired professors. Mormonism-God is not a spirit but a man. The Kingdom of God is the Mormon Priesthood. To disobey the Mormon priesthood is to disobey God. The Mormon Priesthood rules in heaven and on earth. 7th Day Adventists-Accepts personality of the Godhead. Christadelphianism-Do not believe in trinity. Armstrongism-God is a family not a limited trinity. God is reproducing himself. Eastern Mysticism-God is all there is. In his real nature man is divine. The inner-man of self is fully divine. Budhism - No absolute God. Hindu - Many gods. Islam - Trinity is rejected. Judaism - Complete unity of One complete God. Primitive Religions - Many local gods ruling over tribes, with a high god as a source of existence.

-John 1:14 The word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory as the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth. 1Tim 3:16 God manifest in the flesh.

Re-incarnationism-Jesus gave the world fragments of teachings as did others. Christian Science-Jesus is not God, He is an ideal. Spiritism-Christ was nothing more than a medium of high order-he was not divine. Jehovah Witnesses-The man Jesus is forever dead. Mormonism-Jesus was the executive in the work of creation aided by Michael, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Peter, James, John, and Joseph Smith founder of The Mormon church. Mormons also believe Jesus was married to the Marys and Martha at Cana. Joseph Smith, founder of The Mormons, claimed to be a descendant of Christ. 7th Day Adventists-Christ returned in 1844 not to earth but to a sanctuary somewhere in heaven. Christadelphianism and Islam-Jesus is only a prophet. Juadism- A good man. Armstrongism-Jesus became a son of God by a resurrection from the dead. Eastern Mysticism-Christ is considered to be one of a long line of masters who had themselves, recognised their divinity.

-John 14:26 The comforter which is the Holy Spirit will teach you all things.

Re-incarnationism-Does not exist. Christian Science-The comforter is divine science. Spiritism-Does not exist. Jehovah Witnesses-Deny the personality of The Holy Spirit. Mormonism-Ethereal substance diffused through space. 7th Day Adventists-Accept deity and personality of The Holy Spirit. Christadelphianism-Does not exist. Armstrongism-Theologians have blindly accepted that the Holy spirit is the third person of a trinity, this limits God to only 3 persons. Eastern Mysticism-Does not exist. Islam- Mahummed is The Holy Spirit predicted by The Prophet Jesus

-Romans 3:23 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. 1John 1:8 If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.

Re-incarnationism-All thought, good or bad leave their traces and reappear in future incarnations. Christian Science-Man is incapable of sin. Spiritism-Whatever is, is right. A lie is the truth, it holds a lawful place in creation, it is a necessity. Jehovah Witnesses-Each does not die for his own sin but for Adam's sin. Mormonism-The fall of our first parents is one of the great steps to external exaltation and happiness, it was necessary for Adam to have known good and evil. 7th Day Adventists-Satan will bear all our sins as a scapegoat into oblivion where he will be annihilated. Christadelphianism-Have to obey the law. Armstrongism-Sickness is the only penalty of physical transgression, healing is nothing more than the forgiveness of sin. Eastern Mysticism-The law of reaping and sowing. Isalm-No atonement for sin and no propitatory basis for the forgiveness of sins.

-Matthew 26:28 My blood which was shed for the remission of sin.
Ephesians 1:7 Redemption through his blood.

Re-incarnationism-An ordinary being must pass through 800 incarnation before there is completeness of purification from sin. Christian Science-The blood of Jesus was of no avail when it was shed upon the tree than when it was flowing through his veins. Spiritism-There is no atoning value in the death of Jesus. Jehovah Witnesses-The ransom given by Jesus did not guarantee Eternal Life or blessing, but did guarantee a second trial. Mormonism-Christ's atonement was not sufficient for personal sins, man can only be redeemed by obedience to Mormon ceremonies. All are dammed who do not avail themselves of the requirements of the Mormon church. 7th Day Adventists-The sins will be finally born by Satan when the work of atonement has been completed. Christadelphianism- Have to obey the law. Armstrongism-Human beings generate Eternal Life within themselves and will counsel and advise the Creator Father. Eastern Mysticism-A mystical experience reached by various methods.Islam-Allah simply forgives whom he chooses on personal merit. Muslims never know if their personal works are sufficient.

-John 3:18, 36 He that believes on Him is not condemned but he that believes not is condemned already because he has not believed on the name of the only begotten son of God.
Titus 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to his mercy He saved us by washing of regeneration and the renewing of The Holy Spirit.

Re-incarnationism-Present destinies are made in the past, are the making of the future. Christian Science-Salvation is not necessary for God created through the mind. Spiritism-Man becomes his own saviour. Jehovah Witnesses-The second trial of mankind will decide on an individual's everlasting life. Mormonism-Salvation is through the teaching and forms of the Mormon church. You must learn to be gods yourself. 7th Day Adventists-The keeping of the law of Moses is necessary for salvation. Christadelphianism-Saved by learning the first 5 books of the Bible. Armstrongism-Baptism is essential for salvation. Eastern Mysticism-Salvation comes through the realisation that God is in all, meditation is the path to God. Self-realisation is entry into the Kingdom of God within. Buddhism-Ignorance is a block to Salvation. Hindism-Escape from endless cycle of life. Islam-Mankind's actions and attitudes. Judasim- Moral behaviour. Primitive Religion- Cannot be reached

[deserved punishment for evil done] Hebrews 9:27 After death the judgement.
2Thes 1.7-10 God will give you rest along with us when the Lord Jesus appears suddenly from heaven in flaming fire with his mighty angels, bringing judgement on those who do not wish to know God and who refuse to accept his plan to save them through our Lord Jesus Christ. They will be punished in everlasting hell, forever separated from the Lord, never to see the glory of his power when he comes to receive praise and admiration because of all he has done for his people, his saints. And you will be among those praising him because you have believed what we told you about him.

Re-incarnationism-At death the body and the astral double disintegrate together and the vitality returns to universal life. Christian Science-No final judgement. Spiritism-Hell does not exist. Jehovah Witnesses-The doctrine of a burning hell cannot be true, those supporting Satan are drowned in everlasting destruction, (annihilation), for them there is no resurrection eternally. Mormonism-All will be dammed who do not meet the requirements of Mormon church. 7th Day Adventists-All who worship on Sunday will be eternally dammed. Christadelphianism-Only ones who believe they will have Eternal Life, no one else will. Armstrongism-Concept of hell is a myth but there is eternal punishment. Eastern Mysticism-Heaven and hell are not accepted concepts. Islam-All unbelievers of Islam teachings will be eternally dammned.

The Body of Christ is built on the statement that Jesus, The Messiah, is the Son of The Living God and the establishment of the Church are the apostles and prophets.

The gates of Hell, the doors of death, or the powers of all the forces opposed to Christ and His Kingdom will not overcome its continual growth or its completeness.

Any power or authority will not halt the Truth of The Word of God, which cannot be chained or limited.

The inspired Word of God is the expression of God's Wisdom and Character.

God's Word is reliable and trustworthy spectator to His saving activity for humanity, in Jesus Christ.

Jesus spoke of a parable that taught of two foundations, the false and the true. He also taught of two builders, the wise and the foolish. The builders who build on the true foundation will pass the test in the final judgement. The true foundation is a life founded on the Truths of Christ. The foolish builders who will fail the test of Judgement are those who did not discern between the Truth and false doctrine.

The Bible is God's original message to humanity and all Scripture is 'God breathed'; there is life in the Word of God. Jesus, Himself taught that Scripture is God's inspired word, even unto the smallest detail.

To deny the full inspiration of Holy Scripture, therefore, is to set aside the essential witness of God, The Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. The Word of God is the final authority in all things.

SCRIPTURES 2 Timothy 2:15, Matthew 5:17, 18, 16:16-17, Luke 17:17.
QUESTIONS 1] What must a Christian do to safeguard themselves against false and deceptive teaching of God's Word? 2] What is evident of a sect that teaches error? 3] What is The Body of Christ built upon? 4] What did Jesus teach about The Word of God?

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