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The Book of Ezra tells of Israel's 'second Exodus'. Ezra, after whom the book is named, was a scribe and a direct priestly descendant of Aaron, The High Priest, through Phineas and Zadok.
Ezra means helps.
The Book of Ezra centres around Zeruabbabel's Temple, spiritual, moral and social restoration. It tells of the remnant's revitalised worship and purification and is a book of encouragement. God's provision and faithfulness is seen by His protection of His people during the time of their exile. Between the first and second homecoming of the exiles is a span of sixty years. The Book begins with the Jews in Exile under the Persian Province and ends with freedom in Jerusalem.

Ezra is the First Book of Post-Exile History that records the returning captives to their homeland of Judah, of which the City of Jerusalem is the capital.


 EZRA 10:11

 Genuine repentance and confession of sin leads to Divine forgiveness. The people's repentance needs to be sustained by humbling themselves before God, confessing spiritual poverty and being separated from those things which offend Him. Confession of sin is accompanied by acts appropriate to repentance.

 God desires that all people repent and He is patient wanting all to be saved and to use every opportunity to confess their sins. Humankind need forgiveness from God daily through Jesus Christ. To receive forgiveness there has to be an acknowledgement of sin.

Repentance is of extreme importance because sin brings God's judgement. God does offer forgiveness through Jesus Christ which is the only way to escape God's judgement.

On the confession of sin believers
receive the restoration that God offers.

Christ is portrayed by Prince Zerubbabel, being part of The Messianic Line. The Temple, The Restorer. Both Ezra and Nehemiah portray Jesus.

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