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Ezekiel was a Major Prophet of Old Testament Israel In Exile. His ministry spanned twenty-two years while in captivity. 593-571 B.C.

The Book of Ezekiel is named after the priest-prophet Ezekiel. He was God's spokesperson to the people in Babylonian Exile.

Ezekiel means God strengthens

Babylon was the most beautiful city in the world, filled with palaces, gardens, temples and bridges. Ezekiel the prophet, who wrote the Book lived and worked by a shipping canal which branched off the Euphrates River and his ministry took place among the Jewish exiles who lived and worked there. The book shows the prophet of God became uniquely aware of God.

The book of Ezekiel is full of prophecies, parables, perplexing signs and symbols to emphasise God's messages to His people in exile. The vivid symbolism required the prophet to act our God's messages. The main directive was that the present judgement would be followed by God's glory and to remind the exiled the reason for the judgement. The contents are also for God's people today. The Volume records many dates of the happening events in History. The Book's details teach of God's total sovereignty over all people, nations and the course of History and anticipate God's future work.

The Book of Ezekiel is the fourth Major Prophetic Book and is an In-exile book; it contains poetry and does include the accounts of Israel's History.

EZEKIEL 32:15..

The Lord Himself takes charge of His people. It is the responsibility of the shepherd to tend and care for, to provide and to protect all the flock of sheep, most of all, for guidance and leadership. The Image of God, as a Shepherd alludes to His continual direction and care for His people.

Shepherd is a title used of God and His people are His flock. The Shepherd saves those who are lost or scattered, the Shepherd also judges and appoints other faithful leaders to lead and guide His people; He will judge any corrupt leaders who have exploited His people. His people are known as sheep. God promised to raise up a future shepherd from the Royal Line of David. God promises restoration, His Sovereignty affirms He is in control all the time-even a tragic situation He can turn to be good. This verse leads to a fulfillment in Christ, The Good shepherd, for each individual to follow as their Saviour.

The Lord promised to rescue the scattered flock and care for them as a loving Shepherd. Corrupt, thoughtless, greedy leaders do not give people peace.

'I will search for them, I will deliver them, I will bring them out, I will gather them, I will bring them in, I will feed them, I will cause them to lie down, I will bind up the broken, I will strengthen the sick'. A True Shepherd gives of Himself, with all His love for the flock.

Jesus is portrayed as A Tender Twig that Becomes a Stately Cedar, The Rightful King, The True Shepherd.

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