Exodus records God's supernatural rescue of His chosen people after 400 years of slavery in Egypt.

Exodus means the way out. This Exodus of The Old Testament is a book of redemption, the sovereign work of God. Exodus tells the story of Moses, the Great prophet of God with whom the Law is associated. The once favoured guests of a previous Pharaoh now had become a nation of slaves as a new Pharaoh decided to control the Hebrews after the growth of their population. The subject matter of the manuscript records not only of God's deliverence of the Hebrew nation out of Egypt but of His adoption of them as His people. He revealed Himself as The God of History and The Redeemer of all who call upon Him. Exodus is seen as the second part of the collection of 5 books called The Law.

 Israel's Bondage

 The Ten Plagues

 The Initiation of The Passover

 The Exodus

 The Parting of the Red Sea

 People Fed and Drank by Divine Provision

 God's Covenant of Law with Israel

 The Building of The Tabernacle


Exodus 20: 1-17

These commandments, given to Israel by God through the prophet Moses, are brief statements of God's own moral character. They are holy principles that He values in His holiness. These decrees are about humankind relationship with The Loving God and of interaction between persons.

The Ten Commandments lay the moral foundation for a holy community set apart from all others. These Moral Laws state God's enduring standards of conduct. They are relevant for individuals and communities today. These requirements He expects of His people.

The Ten Commandments are part of The Law Covenant, The Priestly Code and the Statute of Holiness. The Ten Commandments reveal God's unique nature, His Name and His demands.

Jesus upheld these commandments. Jesus said the entire law could be summed up in Love for God and for neighbour.
Though The Law was given through Moses,
God's unfailing love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ.


Christ is portrayed in Moses, The Deliverer, The Mediator, The Passover Lamb, The Religious Feasts, The Exodus, The Manna and Water, The Rock, The Tabernacle, The Mercy Seat, The High Priest and The Tent with men.


I The first commandment declares that worship is reserved for the Supreme Living God alone, and is due Him. People are to gladly be in His service and to rely upon Him for our every need and to trust in His continuing care.

The second command forbids by God, The Creator of All Things, to set up any creature or object as the focus of worship and praise. This is idolatry and it is loathing to Him. If the rejection of God as The Supreme, Perfect Almighty Deity is taken, it justifies being judged of displaced loyalties and it is of course not to be taken lightly.

III The third decree warns of honesty and truthfulness, the seriousness of taking an oath as a witness. Jesus elaborates on oath taking. It also includes blasphemy, cursing, lying and deceiving in The Name of God. This relates to the teaching of false doctrines and words of counterfeit prophets who speak in God's name.

IV In this commandment, the Hebrew word for Sabbath means rest. The Sabbath Day was the sign following the Old Testament covenant made with the people of Isreal at Mt.Sinai. Jesus fulfilled the Sabbath law by doing God's will. Christians, under The New Testament are not required to observe the Sabbath or any other holy days of the Old Testament. These days were given to the Nation of Israel and the full meaning of their celebration was true of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our rest. We cease from our dead works and rest in the Grace of God. Christians do enter a spiritual rest which is now no longer just one day. Every day belongs to the Lord in The New Covenant. There are many scriptures in The New Testament regarding the Jewish Sabbaths and Holy Days.

This is the only commandment with a promise and the first of them to be addressed about and for people. Parents are to be respected and loved, to be obeyed and to be served by their children with gladness. Parents are God's representatives and children are to especially see to their needs and care for them. Children do not have to obey their parent if the parents force them to sin against God.

VI This dictate is taken very seriously by God, for man is made in the image of God. Murder comes from hate and vengefulness and vindication is left for God's justice. This does not point to unintentional or accidental killings, but to the purposely thought out cold blooded murders. This mandate is nothing to do with the death penalty of criminal law enforcement, or going to war, if your country has declared war on another country that is doing evil in the eyes of God.

VII Men and women are required by law to love each other unselfishly, to be faithful, to be trustworthy to each other in marriage. God forbids unfaithfulness or desertion and He expects couples to respect each and every human being. God does permit divorce under certain circumstances, but it is not His Will, He allows it because of hard-heartedness, and uncaring self interest. God forbids all kinds of impurity in thought, word and action, including movies and plays etc., Adultery is not just committed against a partner but against God.

VIII God expects honesty in all things, to respect the property of others. The guarding of the community property is honourable in God's eyes. Kidnapping and slave selling helped make theft a serious crime.

IX In all things God requires truthfulness and honesty towards others It is sin to slander by lying, destroying and dishonouring the name of another. This is a temptation for bribery and many other sins that lead to compromising of ones ownself respect and honour. Gossip and false teaching is included in this ninth commandment.

X Envy and jealousy is motivated by evil and ends in harmful action, it teaches to seek the Kingdom of God and all His Righteousness. Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus said that all the Law and the sayings of the prophets are summed up into two commandments. "Love The Lord Your God, with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind, this is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself".

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