The proclaiming of The Kingdom of God, which focuses on the forgiveness of sins and eternal life because of the atoning death of Jesus Christ, His resurrection and ascension, is the responsibility of faithful servants of God.

God equips His people for service and responsibilities.

Believers are to announce God's salvation through Christ to an unbelieving world, who are headed down the pathway of destruction and that all of God's promises to mankind are fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

To Unbelievers the proclamation of The Truth of Christ is a call to repentance for the forgiveness of sins, to the acknowledgement of Christ as the Son of God, who is the only way to have reconciliation and peace with God.

Evangelism is a desire to fulfil the commission Jesus Christ gave to all His disciples.

Evangelism for The Knowledge of Christ is guided and directed by the Holy Spirit, who calls believers to recognise God's will. It is a God-given responsibility and desire to save the lost because of the acknowledgement of the coming judgement on unbelievers.

The motivation of obedience to tell unbelievers is a natural response to the grace of God and a concern for those who have not yet heard of the gift God has made available for them.

All believers are able to be evangelists and missionaries bringing Christ's message to others. Personal evangelism is by giving a testimony in private homes amongst immediate family and relatives. Parents are a witness to their children as God's representatives.

Public evangelising teams are in strategic areas that are major centres, going into new territories, or witnessing of Christ to prominent people. Literature had always been used in evangelism since the beginning of The Body of Christ. The early church always used the Scriptures of God's Word.

Effective evangelism by individuals, groups or leaders begins on Biblical principles that help witness to non-Christians.

Evangelism is not the idea of man, it originated in the plans and purposes of God to reveal Himself to His created people and redeem them. Whether people know it or not, God has already intervened with the lives of mankind.

The power of God confirms the Truth of God's message and result in people believing, rather than rejecting God. Miracles, signs and wonders usually accompany evangelism to demonstrate The power of Kingdom of God.

An evangelist is an announcer of The Truth of Christ, a messenger who proclaims the deliverance of God's Saving Grace. The angels, the shepherds, Anna the prophetess, the woman in Samaria at Jacob's Well all proclaimed The Saviour of God. Jesus, Himself was an evangelist of God's saving grace and of The Kingdom of God. Believers filled with The Holy Spirit with particular giftings also became zealous to preach and became evangelists in the early church. Like John the Baptist, evangelists today, prepare the way for The Lord Jesus Christ. The apostles were evangelists and missionaries.

God opens the doors for evangelism, and the areas of ministry are assigned by Him. The Holy Spirit empowers those who attest to Christ and proclaim the gospel. They are to be of high integrity as well as keep a strong faithful commitment in the face of danger and hardships.

Evangelists are often in partnership with other believers or with a settled ministry. Many evangelists travel the same as missionaries throughout the world, yet all believers are called to share the Truth of Jesus Christ, His Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension with others. It is a task that is committed to The Church, which also includes the teaching and the baptising of new disciples.

Evangelists and Missionaries encourage believers with The Truths of God's Word, that god Himself is with believers, for them to be strong and stand firm, to fear not, for The Lord Himself upholds them and rejoices over the faithful with gladness. They help stir up The Holy Spirit within the believers.

As called messengers of God's Word, Evangelists and Missionaries do not continue to preach at one place but to move about in different localities, but when people become believers the messengers remain and train them to be disciples, to be dedicated to Christ for His service. Missionaries open up new isolated areas taking the message of The Truth of Christ to further remote parts of the world, and the evangelist strengthens the belief of young believers.

Missionaries also help to strengthen newly established churches. Missionaries are usually given their assignments by God to reconcile the lost to Him in certain regions for specific purposes according to His plans. The mission and ministries in The Body of Christ and all Christians, testify to the saving acts of God.

Every Evangelist and Missionary needs material support and encouragement from other believers. They also need to be supported in prayer as the message proclaimed receives opposition, which result in physical and emotional stress.

All God's co-workers are supported comforted and strengthened by God and He supplies for their provision, but they are also the responsibility of other believers. Evangelism usually causes persecution, but believers know in earnest that every life saved is urgent, of primary priority.

Christian disciples, Evangelists and Missionaries expect to face hardship by ridicule and oppression from individuals and authorities when they are testifying of Christ. Jesus Himself was greatly persecuted by those who clung to the world for security.

Persecution of God's people and His message is a characteristic of this world's system, and will continue to give persistent harassment to God's people until The Return of Christ.

All believers are to anticipate persecution from within their circle of family and friends, not just from strangers.

Fear and hatred are usually the reasons for persecution and opposition to The Gospel of Christ, which can result in violence, ostracism, imprisonment or death. This comes mainly from archenemies of The Body of Christ, those who are hostile to the message that Jesus is the Only Son of the Living God.

It is no shame to suffer for being a Christian, but a privilege of praise and worship for being in Christ's family and being called by His name.

Believers are to stay faithful to Christ during such times of persecution, to passively endure, living with a dedicated and forgiving attitude.

Jesus told believers to rejoice in the suffering of persecution, to rely on the promises of God and to be confident of His presence. They have assurance of the certain victory over persecution for Christ's sake and The Holy Sprit gives supernatural help in the face of persecution, oppression or tribulation.

Evangelists, Missionaries and all ministries that witnesses have a single-minded desire for the salvation of lost souls, characterised by devotion to God. It is also a zeal to honour His Name. Each believer is an ambassador for Christ; they are living letters to be read of all peoples.

It is the will of God that Christian living should silence those who foolishly condemn The Gospel of Christ without know what it can do for them, having never experienced it's power.

God challenges His people to obedience, to serve Him alone, to be sincere disciples and to carry out the Commission of Christ.

Sharing the Gospel of Christ and honouring God is for all, but in many cases some believers have a special calling to be witness of God's Word, about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

The Bible provides the teaching for witnessing with love, courageously, courteous yet boldly. The Holy Spirit supports believers for effective service and brings the new birth to the people.

God summons individuals who belong to Him to serve Him faithfully. He calls believers to live differently, in peace and in serving others.

There are two groups of people who live in the world through each generation, those who have responded to The Truth of Christ and those who have not.

To those who have heard and believed yet do not tell those who have not heard, God will render each pittance accordingly.

God expects of His people to be concerned about their own generation, fearlessly proclaiming His word to his created people with the compassion of Christ, for the Salvation of Christ is an absolute need for every soul that is born and is alive in this world. To meet that need there is an absolute call for messengers of God to be His harvesters in the world.

These are those with special gifts for witnessing and preaching in such a way that many unbelievers together, experience the gift of salvation, gathering them into The Body of Christ becoming members of The Kingdom of God and being adopted into His own family being so-heirs with Christ.

Gifts come to those who have an attitude of humility, which take their ministries into unknown situations.

Sharing the gospel of Jesus does not always give immediate results. People respond differently because of their readiness at the time. Often God's Word takes root in a person's heart after many questions have been asked and satisfied, other times suddenly as The Holy Spirit wills.

Disciples are to pass on The Truth of Christ to others as Christ commanded throughout the whole world, which is called The Great Commission. Evangelism is for all Christians, whether it is witnessing to neighbours, others in the local community, in another state or country, to spread The Truth of God with His given authority.

Many people think that it is they, themselves who save others and overburden their conscience. It is God who saves unbelievers. God's plan of salvation never goes out of date; His Word applies today, so there is a point in being direct with Scripture. It does not need to be watered down.

The power of The Holy Spirit is for boldness in witnessing, allowing God to work through willing Christians.

It is important that believers who witness to unbelievers are balanced on all areas of the gifts of The Holy Spirit, for it a mistake to take either gift to an extreme, over- emphasising on physical healing or faith, or exaggerating claims that have been made. It is also wrong for believers to draw attention to themselves.

Believers are to ignore social or cultural barriers because Jesus did.

A fact of the Sovereignty of God is that He has invited those in His Kingdom to participate in His plan. This invitation is not meant to bring about guilt, fear, unworthiness or insecurity from failure. Motivation from The Holy Spirit comes by security not anxiety.

Jesus operated in the power of The Holy Spirit not by manmade training of psychology, not by lifelong experience, nor by charm or by being extroverted. For the Holy Spirit to work through believers they do not have to use human dramatics, for availability of the heart open to God is the issue.

The lifestyle of a Christian is to be a witness.

SCRIPTURES Luke 24:27, 1Corinthians 9:19, 2Corinthians 5:14, Ephesians 3:8, 2Timothy 1:11, 1John: 1:1-3, Jude 1:23. QUESTIONS 1? What is the focus of evangelism? 2] What is the response to God's message? 3] Mention seven motives for evangelism. 4] How do believers personally evangelize?

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