-The Mother of All Humanity-

EVE means "life" or "life-giving" or " mother of all who have life" and her life is in us all. The original ancestor of all people. Eve is used as a fitting name, clearly referring to our ancestral parents. Jesus' genealogy is traced back to Eve, the first female created by God.

Being the product of a divine creation, Eve appeared as a complete, perfect woman. She was never a child, or a daughter. The first female ever born into the world was Eve's first daughter, and there were many sons and daughters in earth's first family.

Eve, then, was not born. She was created out of Adam. Having existed in God's thought, Eve was taken from the side of man, flesh of his flesh, where as Adam was created from the dust of the ground; she had been fashioned out of a bone taken from his side, shaped out of man, she became his counterpart and companion.

Eve, the first woman is referred to as part of man. Eve had a dual identity, of the image of God and of man. Eve was WOMAN, a MAN WITH A WOMB. She was the one created and formed for the purpose of being a suitable helper. The term translated 'helper' does not itself convey subordination. This signified her as sharing equally in the image of God. Her identity was directly derived from God.

God saw that although Adam was in a state of perfect virtue, but it was not good for him to be alone. It would be good for him spiritually, intellectually and socially to have a wife. God's intention in her creation was that she complement Adam, meaning that there is incompleteness to man without her. She was a co-recipient of the mandate to fill the earth and control it.

The absence of the woman from creation, in fact, brought forth a declaration from God of not good. After He had created the first woman, God stated that it was exceedingly good. Eve excelled all women through the human race for a perfect God created her, Eve reflected the divine perfection.

The man saw in Eve a person who was the same; he realised that she was a full bearer of the divine image and that he lacked what only she could provide. Eve would be the spiritual as well as biological mother of a people who would belong to their Creator.

The Biblical writers use the story of Adam and Eve as symbolic of the universal history of all humankind; therefore Adam and Eve are real but also symbolic.

Eve possessed both life and moral discernment. She was created with the power of self-will to make choices regarding the Sovereignty of God. Eve was warned that if she doubted God and did not believe what God said was true then mankind would die, both spiritually and physically.

Being the first woman Eve had no inherited sin, and had an advantage no other woman has ever had for she was pure and holy, with the divine image unimpaired, yet she became the world's first sinner, and introduced sin to her offspring, and because of this, were born separated from God.

The great deceiver, Satan, had clothed himself as a serpent, one of God's good creatures. Satan accused God of having unworthy motives and portrayed human self-interest as clever. Satan undertook to alienate man from God. His craftiness led both Adam and Eve to disobey and become separated from God. By causing the woman to doubt God's word, Satan brought evil into the world.

Separation from God was unknown to both Adam and Eve when they were created and Eve saw no wrong in the masterpiece of subtle suggestion by Satan that God had told her a lie. Satan did not tell her to do wrong, but insinuated in the cleverest way that there was nothing to worry about in eating forbidden fruit from The Tree of Good and Evil.

The Tree of Life, also in the Garden, signified life and giving life, without death, to those who eat its fruit whereas "Knowledge of good and evil" refers to moral knowledge or ethical discernment. Eve had both life and moral sensitivity as they came from the hand of God. Adam and Eve's access to the fruit of the tree of life showed that God's will and intention for them was life. In eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they sought a created source of judgment in order to be morally independent of God.

Freedom from shame, signifying moral innocence, would be lost as a result of doubting God's Word and disobeying it. Eve's bodily appetite was tempted. Her self-desire nature was tempted, and the most powerful temptation of all, pride, the fruit of the tree was to make one wise. Eve fell victim to the serpent's falsehood.

Although Eve was created in the image of God, she chose to exercise her own pleasing will. For doing so she encountered God's justice but also His Grace. Eve was deceived but Adam disobeyed with the full knowledge of wrongdoing. Adam made no effort to restrain Eve from eating the fruit although the divine prohibition was addressed to him and not her.

Satan sowed the seed of doubt in Eve not to believe God, because he is God's enemy. Tempted that what God had said maybe a lie, she began to doubt and not believe the truth. This caused Adam and Eve to disobey God's Word. Doubting and not believing God The Creator, leads to disobedience against Him, against His truthful Word and this is sin.

God had made them "one flesh" and gave them one name. They introduced sin into human experience. Eve was the name given her after her lapse of innocence before God and He prophesied the results.

The serpent, the woman and the man were all judged, but only the serpent and the ground were cursed. Eve fully Eve shared fully in the shame of this rebellion. As a sign of grace, the human race would continue yet she would have pain in childbirth. Adam and Eve introduced sin into all humanity. They made the choice to disbelieve and to disobey. They were not forced to disobey God but freely chose to do so. The consequences of Eve's sin which included Adam, fell not merely upon them but upon the earth as well. Spiritual and physical death for all creation resulted. The consequences of sin had lasting influence far beyond the two individuals. They tried to hide from God but God did not hide from them. Their ultimate punishment was being driven from the Garden of Eden. This was also an act of God's mercy, for it kept humanity from living forever in a sinful state. In the curse we also see God's blessing. An opportunity was offered for the possibility of future redemption.

Because Eve didn't trust God, this led to separation from God. God, however, made a promise that He would restore both the spiritual and physical life forever. Even though man had yielded to the temptation and gave himself to the will of God's enemy, God in His love set in motion His Plan to win humankind back to Himself. A preparation of release for humankind which leads to life eternally and not to be under Satan's deceptive will, which leads to death eternally, the fate of every human being born. Humankind would come to want choose God's Will.

The Promise of The Person, Jesus, The Messiah was first pledged when Satan deceived both Adam and Eve. The announcement of a Deliverer to come was made to Satan himself. God already had a plan for the Salvation of mankind.

Eve was the first to receive the divine prophecy of the Cross. The first prophecy was that the Deliverer to come would destroy the works of the devil. Christ is exceptional, without peer, is God Himself, timeless in His domain. Prophecy is the evidence of Divine knowledge. The Prophecies and their fulfilment provide some of the greatest proofs of scripture. Prophecy must be uttered before events come to pass. "And he shall strike you on your head, while you will strike him at His heel."

The offspring of a woman, who would crush Satan's head that was promised, was fulfilled in Christ's victory all believers will share. A bruise to the heel is not deadly but a strike on the head is fatal. God did not abandon Adam and Eve even though they were spiritually cut off from Him, for all God's Creation is dependant upon Him, God placed two mighty Cherubim east of The Garden Of Eden to guard the entrance to the Tree of Life, also a flaming sword that flashed back and forth. If He had not done this, mankind would have been doomed to live in that state of spiritual and physical death forever, with no chance of reconciliation back to Him in the future by Jesus Christ, who would reopen The Only Way Back to God, The Father and Creator.

Cain and Abel were Eve's first two sons. Cain became jealous of his younger brother and God encouraged him to rid himself of bitterness, but Cain refused to listen and even though God continued to warn him, he acted upon his murderous thoughts and killed Abel without any repentance. (Evidence of a new self-centred degenerate attitude that had already entered into the nature of mankind, being separate and independent from God.) Eve was the first mother to have a son who was a murderer.

Adam and Eve had a third son, Seth and many began to call on God and from him came the human ancestral lineage of Christ. Eve's favourite first born was branded with shame, and spiritual Able became a martyr. In the naming her third son she expressed her faith in God's love, mercy and provision. It was through Seth that the spiritual lineage was maintained. Eve acknowledged that God is the ultimate source of life.

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