Evil is defined as wickedness, corruption, depraved, unfavourable, harmful, deceit, abomination, vice, base, degradation, craftiness, defect, blemish, dishonour, shame, destructive, damaging, mischief, injurious, violating or inconsistent with the moral laws. Bad in principle, malicious and non-productive.

Evil is the presence of corruption, malevolence and depravity. Evil is opposed to God's will and nature. Evil and wickedness are not in harmony with the Divine Order.

Evil is clearly illustrated to three particular representations because of the Fall of mankind, moral (war, crime, cruelty), physical (nature, earthquakes, volcanoes to terminal illnesses) and spiritual (Satanic forces that tempt people to oppose God).

Evil comes from Satan, the source of all deceptions. The origin of wickedness is the cunning crafty work and wiles of the devil.

Many people find it hard to grasp that mankind brought evil into this world by choice and caused both spiritual and physical, death.

Every human has the same choice in their life, to believe God or doubt, to obey God or be rebellious against Him, to choose life or death, spiritually as well as for the soul.

The Bible clearly indicates that God in His infinite wisdom has permitted the existence of evil to remain in the world, in order for His justice to show His grace and forgiveness. It is to prove to all principalities and powers that His wisdom is supreme.

Even though evil and wickedness is permitted, God does not condone it. Evil is a stark reminder of a holy God who is perfection. God did not create evil.

Mankind today, has a free will to choose between good and evil, what they want including their own destiny. The Bible warns people against evil and the shows them the victorious response to evil. Scripture gives examples of evil. The love of prosperity and wealth is a stronghold of greed and envy and the foothold for evil, as is also the tongue.

There is evil in the heart of man since the fallen nature of human beings. Scripture exposes and reveals the consequences of evil. God strongly opposes evil and its dangers to His created people. Evil stays with evildoers and backfires upon them until Christ reigns in their lives.

God's Word leads believers away from evil and His guidance is given to counter any abomination, which ends in judgement. Believers should turn to God when they are faced with any detestation, they are to pray in response to it. Evil is to be avoided, hated, rebuked and strongly resisted, especially those who try to encourage others to do evil.

A Christian who has had a wrong done to them is to repay that evil with love, forgiveness and doing good to those who wronged them. Although evil is present in this world, triumphant victory will overcome evil in all its forms.

Evil is limited by God, and subject to God.

Jesus Christ has triumphed over all evil and its powers. All violations will be excluded from the new heaven and new earth. God's transforming power reversed the effects of evil in human lives.

God brings good out of evil.

God can and does use evil in times of judgement. God's judgement is not vindictive, but is persistent opposition to all evil. Jesus Himself had to become a victim of evil to provide redemption for mankind.

Every country has laws to govern and restrain evil. Nations as well as individuals can be guilty of evil. Nations sometimes have evil and wicked rulers.

Godlessness is harmful and is an opponent of The Christian Church. False teachers and false religions are evil. Those who teach error lead others astray, down on a path to harm and destruction.

There is wickedness, harm, danger in greed and envy. Every human being has some scale of knowing good and evil. This desire of humankind to know all leads to separation from God. The consequences of the quest for good and evil brought about the destruction of mankind, and the world. The whole world is in a state of corrupted wickedness and decay.

Because of God's love, a way of salvation was made available through Christ.

God has given human beings a conscience to know the knowledge of good and evil, which allows people to make moral decisions that will affect their lives and the lives of those around them. Both are revealed to have the ability to effect others and events, both have a strong influence on the human mind.

Iniquity is an example of evil and corruption. It can be found in every area of society. Injustice occurs in family life, the community, in the business world, in the law courts and in governmental departments. God will vindicate those who have been the victims of evil, wickedness and corruption.

The purpose of laws is to regulate every area of life for the betterment of the world. God expects justice, holiness, righteousness and love from His people, to protect and promote their well-being. Christ proclaims the conquest of victory over the forces of evil in this world, in the gospels of The New Testament.

God is the source of victory, which He grants to those who have their trust, hope and confidence in Him. Victory over evil has been achieved by God, not by people. Victories over the devil, evil, corruption, temptation and death for the individual is assured because of Christ.

Discernment is the judgement an individual makes of distinguishing the good and the evil. It is necessary for the recognition of God's ways and the avoidance of the damaging pitfalls in life that can be deceptive. Many fail to discern God's good purposes.

Discernment is a gift from God to be exercised with common sense, it is seeing through outward appearances. Judging the truth from the false, and growing in wisdom through the renewing of the mind by The Holy Spirit is also to have spiritual discernment.

An attitude that leads to a closed mind of The Truths of God results in failing to see the danger of being easily led into things that are dishonourable and is rebellion against God's authority. Destruction and ruin caused by evil not only brings chastisement, but shame and grief to loved ones.

Evil alliances are powerful against the weak, which is condemned by God just as the ungodly are against the godly accursed. All idolatry is evil and all evil doers will be banished from God's presence. Evil keeps bad company, is involved in careless talk, denies Christ, is disobedient and mocks justice. Evil brings spiritual decline and death. Spiritual darkness brings judgement because of moral dishonesty. The Truth of Christ breaks spiritual degeneration.

Deceit is contrary to the nature of God.

Deception and evil is deep in the heart of man as well as spiritual forces. God knows human weakness and has provided a way out.

Evil plans will fail. False prophecy comes from evil thinking. Evil plans are an expression of pride. Human thinking can be darkened by evil planning, which seeks to take advantage of others. God knows the desires of the heart and mind of human nature, which may be renewed by The Holy Spirit, resulting in purified desires.

Spiritual darkness rejects God's revelation. Evil schemes are a result of satanic activity against God, others and self. Righteousness cannot mix with evil.

Wickedness, rebellion and evil show the character is of Satan who opposes God, with self-will, self- exhalation, self-deification. The activity that result from evil is temptation, sin, destruction, affliction, opposition and death. There are many warnings against the enticement of evil and against rejecting the many benefits of God and His wisdom. Wisdom to do good is the supreme choice to be made against evil.

James 4:7 "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you". The whole book of James in The New Testament is written against evil and it gives wise advice.

The Blood of Jesus is the Believer's strong fortress in this world and the world to come is free from evil, corruption and decay.

SCRIPTURES Genesis 6:5, 50:20, Matthew 6:13, 15:19, 26:39, Luke 11:4, Romans 3:20,7:7, 8:28.
QUESTIONS 1] Is fallen human nature a source of evil? 2] Why was God's Law given? 3] How should believers respond to evil? 4] What does God do with evil influences in the world?

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