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Throughout the Book of Esther God's providence is evident. This book is a good reminder to all of God's protection and faithfulness to His covenantal commitment. Esther after whom the Book is named stands out as chosen by God.

Esther means 'star'.

The Book of Esther is set in the time of the prosperous Persian Empire and gives great insight into the knowledge of etiquette and customs of that era. Esther's story was recorded to show the triumphant and gracious hand of God delivering His people from the real threat of annihilation. According to the Book of Esther many people of Persian Provinces came to know and believe God and His covenant promises because of what had transpired throughout the realm. There are accounted, a series of events, which take a Jewish orphan to be the Persian Queen, who saves her Jewish people from slaughter. The providence of God is a Doctrine of The Bible. Even though the prophets were silenced and the Temple not yet built, God was still in charge.

The events of The Book centre around three feasts; the feasts of King Ahasuerus, of Esther and of Purim.

Esther is the First Book of Exile History that records the banished captives away from The Promised Land.



Faithfulness to God renews life. The glorious hope of restoration turns sadness into joy. God cares for His people with abounding love and He sustains them. God restores those who commit themselves to Him. He will judge those who stand against Him, while He will bless the faithful.

The trials of life, illness, calamities, failure and any painful loss cause sorrow. Repentance often accompanies sorrow and mourning. Weeping and grief God changes. God is close to those who grieve or mourn and He comforts them. Happiness is found in God, rejoicing in His work and in His covenant faithfulness. Both God and His people experience pleasure and joy.

It is good to celebrate the acts of God. It is God's triumphant purposes that are celebrated, the defeat of His enemies and the deliverance of His people from them.

There is always joy in the heart of a believer because of the promises of salvation and deliverance into a peaceful Kingdom.

Jesus is portrayed by Esther for the putting of self in the place of death for others and His work as Advocate.

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