"There is neither male or female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" Galatians 3:28

The Bible focuses on equality and role distinction. There must be, however, differences made between authoritative principles in God's Word for there can be abuses of authority patterns in all relationships.

A patriarchal (a form of social organisation in which the father is head of the family, and in which descent is reckoned in the male line, the children belonging to the father's clan) family structured society was a providentially chosen relationship grounded at Creation and reaffirmed in role principles by the apostles and teachings of the early church.

Equal in Salvation, however, male and female have separate roles to fulfil under God's divine directives. Unity and equality in Christ is not only concerning salvation, but also the anointing Gifts of The Holy Spirit. Either male or female can be scriptually gifted of The Holy Spirit, anointed for the work of The Lord.

The ideal is a husband and wife ministry team, both anointed or either one, but both being a fulfilled person in the Body of Christ. The single male or female finds fulfillment in their separate divine roles under the headship of their local church, the spiritual house of The Lord. This does not mean that single persons are not anointed for ministry. All Christians should be an example of Christianity in godly living both recognising, understanding and accepting God's divine order.

Both sexes are made in the image of God, and both are to be treated with the same worth, respect and dignity. The Bible does not support the degradation or abuse of either sex, nor does it support the right of either sex to be put above each other or God's plan, to do as they please.

Scripture declares all believers are equal in the sight of God, despite their gender.

Nations and in some minor communities of western society, out of ignorance, make excuses for perpetrating abuse towards women. The attitude of seeing them as of lesser value and worth than men, promotes a counter-attack for the dignity and worth of women, which has led philosophers to evaluate the situation and decide on their position. The Bible teaches that God, and God alone has the right to define the roles and duties of men and women according to His purpose. If people find problems with identity, they are to seek the Word of God, without compromising God's plan for either sex.

People are to recognise God's Sovereignty and His right to use whoever
He pleases to fulfil His plans and purposes.
God has chosen to make various kinds of vessels to carry out His purposes within the body of Christ.

There are Laws in the Bible, for the protection of men and women and their roles in The Body of Christ, the Church. God created humanity as male and female with different gender roles, but equal and complementary to each other.

Jesus affirmed the equality of the male and female and gave directives to counteract abuses of their different roles. This does not mean they are to keep the same roles if God assigns differently in certain circumstances.

The Oneness of individual believers of Jesus, with other brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ is the Oneness of relationship, but not all having the same function.

Christ's dependence in His office for the purpose of salvation and grace (His death on the Cross in obedience to The Father's Will) in no way changes the equality of Christ's worth as God The Son, or His dignity with The Father. Unity of believers transcends ethnic, social and sexual distinctions.

In Christ, the distinction of rank, sex or race is removed, yet socially, distinctions are clearly seen in families and the states of the nations.

All gifts and rewards are not based upon roles in the Kingdom of God, but upon faithfulness in fulfilling directions of God. Spiritual gifts are bestowed upon all regardless of age, sex, rank or race. Men and women enjoy the same free grace; both are called to obedience and are capable of receiving the same spiritual gifts. Both are equal in worth, value, personhood, priesthood, as being the creation of God. Each do have different assignments to fulfil for the good of all, showing forth the wisdom of God.

All people equally can become God's heirs and receive of His eternal promises. God declares all people are equal in His sight, as well as all equally need redemption achieved through the saving death of Jesus Christ. All have equal status before the Living God, their maker, because of Christ.

Male and female have equality both in the Old Testament and New Testament covenant regulations. They are equal in devout observance, and in accountability. There is a difference in what a person is and what a person does. The only ultimate dividing line in people is the condition of the personal soul.

If there is disrespect for male or female by either party, it comes from the attitude of their heart that leads them to disregard the ordinances of God and to demonstrate a lack of respect. This can stem from pride rather than hurt or low esteem. Sin has and does distort the equality of men and women on many levels. The male is not to have an oppressive rule. Neither male nor female should resist their co-dependence on each other, or on God.

Male and female are created, and are dependant beings. Male and female were created equal, but different. Christ, although responsible to The Father's Will is His equal. The realities of the equality of each male or female are to be loving, complementary in character.

As joint heirs, male and female, Christians are privileged to receive a spiritual inheritance from their Heavenly Father. Both male and female believers are adopted into the family of God by faith in Jesus Christ, and are joint-heirs with Him.

Male and female disciples equally are heirs by God's grace, they inherit salvation, have full rights of the firstborn. Their inheritance is the Word of God, the Kingdom, and all things. The inheritance of believers, male and female has been prepared from the beginning of creation, and is guaranteed for eternity.

As heirs and having the rights of the 'firstborn', male and female equally share a double portion. God Himself is their inheritance.

It is the yielding of the humble and intelligent obedience to God's Word according to His plans and purpose that both male and female can each be a vibrant witness for Christ, a means of glorifying God, and means of being teachable as unto God.

Jesus defended the equality of sexes, by divinely appointing both for purposeful functions. Both male and female counterparts gave of their time and energies to meet the needs of Jesus and of the gospel.

SCRIPTURES Exodus 35:22, Leviticus 20:10,27, Numbers 5:1-7, Galatians 3:26-28.
QUESTIONS 1] Was there equality under Old Covenant regulations? 2] Was there equality in any religious observance? 3] How are all equal in Christ? 4] Are all equal in accountability?

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