4 -ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM THE ROYAL CITY OF DAVID-This was the first day of the Jewish week and Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the colt. Jerusalem, also called Zion, Jebus, Mount Moriah, and the city of David, is surrounded by mountains. The physical beauty of The Temple and the city were greatly celebrated.

It had been a region with an interesting history; Abraham was commanded to offer Isaac there, and years later King David made this the religious centre of the nation.

The city began to gather to itself those sacred associations which have made it so important. Here God had made an everlasting covenant with the house of David. Belief in kingship of God and the coming of a Davidic Messiah, continued to be cherished in the hearts of the loyal people.

The crowd that had journeyed to Jerusalem for The Passover joined some of the local people, spread their cloaks along the ground before Jesus riding on the donkey and took palm branches which were not native to Jerusalem.

The crowd shouted joyously, "Hosanna", and the words of Psalm 118:25,26 and Psalm 14:8, thus ascribing Him the Messianic Title as the agent of The Lord God, the Coming King of Israel, acknowledging Him as Godís Anointed for whom they had waited for and had been expecting.

Jesus humbly rode into Jerusalem as the Messianic King, according to prophecy on a donkey's colt. The donkey was the mount of royalty. Christís deity is evident, the knowing of the colt and being the master of an unridden creature without incident.
The Psalms they were shouting in praise of 'The One who comes in the Name of the Lord' were traditional songs for travellers who came to the city for the yearly event, but the crowd was enthusiastic and praised Jesus with extra vitality and additional vigour.

Jesus truly went in The Name of God, from His Presence, whom God, The Father had blessed. The crowds greeted Him as their Messiah, sent from God and who revealed God to them.
Jesusí Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem inaugurates Passion Week. This was a deliberate action on Jesusí part; He offered Himself to the people as Godís Messiah. Knowing this would incite the Jewish Leaders to take action against Him as foretold. Jesus knew, as God's Anointed Son, He would soon give His life for others and for the forgiveness of a multitude of sins.

He was praised as the Lord's Anointed, who achieves the saving grace and victory for His people.
Only human beings, out of all of God's earthly creation can consciously and verbally praise Him. They worshiped Jesus because they knew God's Favour was in their midst.

Jesus began to weep, for peace from God was within their grasp, but He knew that soon Jerusalem would be destroyed by The Roman Empire because of much rejection to Him there. Jesus knew this was to be fulfilled in 70 AD.

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