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Lois and Eunice were God-fearing Jewish women, mother and daughter, who both had a mutual interest in the Word of God. They were convinced of the power that God's Word contained.

Eunice, married a Greek man who did not have an encounter with God, for their son Timothy remained uncircumcised. It was common practice for marriages to be arranged by parents and although all the inhabitants of Israel were used to living a Grecian lifestyle since 167 B.C. for Lois to agree to Eunice marrying a Greek Gentile was very unusual and out of the ordinary.

The small family lived in the unfamiliar city of Lystra. Lystra was a remote municipality included in the Roman province of Galatia, a foreign land of Asia Minor (present day Turkey). It was situated in a small valley among low hills below the massive mountains of Taurus. Lystra's inhabitants were aristocratic but not culturally advanced.

Eunice means 'good and happy victory', she named her child Timothy, which means 'one who fears God'. Being a good mother was extremely important to a Jewish woman. Jewish mothers took on the responsibility of teaching their children. The boy's religious instruction was undertaken not only by his mother, but also his grandmother, Lois and Eunice had the Old Testament (Torah) from which to teach Timothy.

Eunice was influenced by her godly mother Lois. Lois means 'agreeable'. She, as the older Jewess would have been the main instructress of the Old Testament Scriptures. Teaching God's Word is a woman's ministry throughout the Bible.

Timothy was taught to memorise parts of Scripture. Living and religion for the Jew could not be separated. It was the basis of a national life. The central theme of principles being The Ten Commandments from The Law of Moses.

Both women knew the importance of religious education. They attached great value to God's Word and used every opportunity to instruct it and live by it. Together they had taught Timothy the Word of God since he was a small child and directed all of his religious training.

Lois and Eunice's knowledge and belief in God's Word laid a strong foundation and prepared hope in others. Lois and Eunice knew they needed the Word of God for everyday life, for their strength and for their comfort. They were convinced that God's Word influences human lives.

During the Apostle Paul's first missionary visit to Asia Minor in A.D. 45-48, many Jew and Gentile people were converted to Christianity. The Good News of Christ was preached for some time and as a result Lois, Eunice and Timothy became Christians. Paul healed a man who was lame from birth in the Name of Jesus while he and Barnabas were in Lystra.

When the news came that God is available to everyone who believed in Jesus Christ, both women had to make a personal choice to believe that Jesus Christ died, was buried and raised from the dead according to the Scriptures they knew so well. Lois and Eunice knew according to God's Word they had to submit their lives to Christ and willingly obeyed.

Because Lois and Eunice through the power of The Holy Spirit had receptive hearts to the Truths of God, it resulted in the new birth for them and for Timothy also who personally believed the Truth of Christ from Scripture.

Eunice may have been a widow who was helped and supported by her mother Lois. If her husband was alive, he was not a Christian.

Lois was the first to become a Christian, then followed by her daughter Eunice and her grandson, Timothy. The women were of noble character and had a good reputation with both the local Christians and others in nearby towns. Both Lois and Eunice became very well known in the Christian Church.

This grandmother and mother received the reward of Godly Christian home education and living. They had not expected such fruit from their training for Timothy became an ambassador for God, a messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ and assistant to the Apostle Paul. Their instruction of The Word of God to Timothy from infancy to adult was commended publicly by The Apostle Paul.

Christian parents and grandparents hopefully recognise the significant impact they have on their children and grandchildren as they teach and instruct the Scriptures to them.

Such faithfulness of Lois and Eunice can encourage others who find themselves in the position of raising children. Their devotion is true doctrine and both women are valuable examples.

New Testament women, like Old Testament women are encouraged to exercise teaching ministries.

Not all children are privileged to be born into Christian homes and grow up learning about the true spiritual heritage.

It is a responsibility for women to know God's Word so they can faithfully teach their children.

Women are to be diligent to nurture faith that leads to a personal faith. Reverence for God and respect for parents is the starting point in godly discipline.

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