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DORCAS -Resurrected Helper-

Dorcas, a disciple of Christ, who lived in the City of Joppa, was always doing good kind deeds for others, especially the poor; all who knew her deeply loved her because of her acts of charity. Dorcas was her Greek name, for Joppa was a seaport much inhabited by foreigners mainly speaking in the Greek language. Her Hebrew name was Tabitha.

Her goodness and kindness made a big impact on the community. She had means by which she was able to buy material and use her talent for sewing which enabled her to provide clothes for widows and the poor. She served the Lord as she served humanity.

Dorcas was a very unselfish person, she helped the needy and poor without expecting any reward or merit for doing so. Caring for widows is an important issue throughout the Bible. Dorcas was full of God's' grace, inside of her, which prompted the desire for relief work to provide garments to needy believers.

This showed she had a grateful, sincere heart towards God for His Saving Grace through Jesus Christ, and this led her to do His Works. She had the compassion of Christ, whom she served.

Many people sit around and talk about charitable deeds of labour, but Dorcas set about alleviating the lack of others in her community herself. She showed others that she was a Christian, being obedient to the Words of Christ. He said those who clothe the poor and destitute among the brethren, really were clothing and helping Him.

She became physically ill and died. Her friends prepared her for her burial, her family was not present. Prior to the funeral, all the widows and friends she had helped, came and mourned their beloved Christian friend. Many were those whom she had helped, for whom she had sewn clothes. There was great grief amongst them all gathered at her house.

Her friends learned that Peter, The Apostle was in the area traveling throughout Samaria, visiting each village and town. They sent two men to urged Peter to come to them because of their distress, during this saddened time.

Peter came back with them and he went into the room where the lifeless body of Dorcas lay, he requested that the mourners leave the room. He knelt and prayed. He had been with Jesus when he had bought to life others that had died.

Peter knew that his request had been received and he spoke to Dorcas with power and authority, and told her to get up. Life returned to her dead body, and Peter presented her alive to her friends.

Her friends were overcome with joy at this miracle from God, to see their precious friend physically alive and well again. Her return from death made a great encounter with others in the society.

Because of this miracle, a regeneration began, many people believed in Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and became members in the Kingdom of God. This gift of life returned to Dorcas showed the mercy of God and witness of the Truth of Christ, a great testimony to others of who has the power over life and death.

Peter stayed on in the City for a while preaching and teaching, ministering to the new believers because of this miracle. He was a guest at the home of Simon, the Tanner, which usually would be an offense to a Jewish person, for a tanner works with the hides of dead animals and makes leather. Peter was breaking down the traditional barriers.

Dorcas, however did not seek the limelight or attempt to be a great teacher, but she was content to do all she could for the service of Christ, in any way that she could, and that happened to be in her own home.

God not only uses preachers but ordinary people like Dorcas, who had much thoughtfulness towards her fellow believers.

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