In Christian life, doubt is defined as an uncertainty of belief applied to God, His Word and His Christ, through whom does His redemption, deliverance, regeneration, liberation and salvation of mankind comes.

Christians at certain times might begin doubting their salvation after sinning or experiencing a spiritual defeat; this comes because of the misunderstanding of Bible verses regarding sin.

An unlearned person or a young Christian may also come to doubt God's Sovereignty, especially when a person is experiencing calamity, sickness and suffering, injustice, or thinking that prayers have gone unanswered.

People are tempted to doubt the goodness of God because they think He is not handling the affairs of life effectively for them personally or internationally. They want to see God's hand working, though yet not understanding His overall plan for mankind and each individual person, they have forgotten why He is Sovereign.

The increased understanding of the person and character of God, His power, plans and precepts and the acknowledgement His wisdom, being much superior to that of mankind, cause exaltation and praise to come forth, that is due to Him for His greatness.

With seemingly unanswered questions on the subject of God's laws and principles being violated without divine intervention to bring justice, and thinking that continuing iniquities go unpunished, people need to be reminded of God's Word. The righteous will be rewarded as they trust God, for they know He is slow to anger, waiting for His redemptive work to be spread to others, and as believers they trust and believe His Word, His guidance and His intervention and power in the affairs of men.

All doubt comes because of the lack of knowledge of God's Word that affirms every question to the existence of God and His character. Satan himself is the one who causes doubt, by tempting people in their minds to question God's Word and will try to stop people making a commitment to the One True Living God.

The world's system and self-wisdom is also a way that is used to further doubting God, for example, the opposition to God's creation is a perverted evolution theory as an answer to the existence of the human race. This type of wisdom is the counterfeit of a greater and truer wisdom taught by The Holy Spirit.
God's Wisdom is not just acquired information but gives practical and spiritual insight.

The Bible explains that when a Christian doubts sound doctrine it is because they are deceived. When a Christian is double-minded and unstable in their confession of Christ, prayer is the answer for mature spiritual guidance, as is also inquiring into the Word of God.

Being double-minded is proclaiming to be a Christian but not living the life characteristic of a Christian life, i.e. proclaiming to be a Christian yet going to a physic diviner for a tarot card reading regarding their future or fortune. Distorted teachings and heresies easily find a place in a double-minded heart. A person must be single-minded towards God.
God appeals to people to make a choice.

To doubt God leads to distrusting in God's willingness and His ability to deliver His people. Doubt also results in the uncertainty of the effectiveness in the spiritual life of a believer. People begin to doubt their purpose and their own place in God's plan.

Distrust in God involves failure to trust God's promises, therefore placing trust in something else. God requires whole-heartedness and sincerity in worship of Him.

Most people have a fleeting doubt, this does interfere with the constant, solid firmness of their trust, but these fleeting doubts are soon pushed away when God's word is recalled. People should read the Bible themselves and not rely on others to tell them what they should or should not believe.

Assurance comes from God's Word, prompted by The Holy Spirit to remember God's past goodness through individual lives and throughout History, reflecting on His might and power and unfailing love, and the reality of prophecies fulfilled. Mature and firm trust in God removes doubt.

Stronger and mature Christians should help and encourage those who are weaker with the same thoughtfulness that reflects Christ's compassion.

Doubt and lack of trust in God and His Written Word challenges His faithfulness and usually finds its expression in disobedience and rebellion because of deception.

SCRIPTURES Numbers 13:31, Matthew 8:19, Hebrews 6:7-8, 2 Peter 2:20.
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