Repentance from Dead Works is a phrase known to mean legalistic adherence to works that could never bring life or genuinely evil actions, conduct that belong to death and not life.

Although true believers are accepted into God's eternal kingdom by grace through faith, God will denounce those whose profession is proved false by their weak and tedious Dead Works.

Psalm 127:1 'Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labour in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stands guard in vain'.

Repentance from Dead Works is a Christian Doctrine; it involves the believer turning away from man-made laws and traditional practices, to obey the commandments and principles of The Living God.

Man-made laws and religious observances are ceremonies based upon practices that seem to appear to have significant spiritual meaning, but actually having no spiritual life in them at all.

Believers can fall into deception of Dead Works, customs and good works that are performed with the belief that they might earn favour and obtain Salvation from God, which leads to bondage of superstition. Dead Works are not based on Scripture, they are human attempts of ability and trickery hoping that God will approve and help in Salvation or personal benefit.

Dead Works are a mixture of God's Commandments and the commandments of mankind, usually passed down from previous generations.

Unless there is a definite turning away from Dead Works, worship of God is in vain. When the emphasis is on traditions of mankind, works are made not acceptable or presentable to God. Only the Blood of Jesus makes worship possible or worthy in the presence of God.

Representing God does not always mean true service to Him. All works and deeds of any kind should be done with Christ in mind for Christ does supervise the works of those in His Body of believers. Works are done after The Holy Spirit or after the flesh.

True works that God delights in are those that arise from an inward sincere grateful attitude to Him for His mercy, goodness and Salvation. Christ encourages responsibility and integrity. Christians who are characterised as diligent workers, doing more than what is expected pleases God. Durable work stands the test of divine judgement.

All deeds are futile if done apart from the Word of God. Dead Works are useless rituals that lead to death and are usually carried out by those who are spiritually dead.

Dead Works are legalistic self-efforts to keep God's principles and are performed by those who think if they do good unto others, that this might be sufficient to possess Eternal Life, therefore making null and void the Work of Christ on The Cross.

Many devout and godly people who are ignorant of God's righteousness, seek to establish their own righteousness and have not submitted to The Word of God.

People are not to have confidence in their own works. Many have misdirected zeal for God for it is not based upon God's way of Salvation. Rightstanding with God comes as a gift and not of human striving or merit. It can not be earned. Christ has freed believers from these types of works.

There must be repentance from Dead Works when The Holy Spirit is dissatisfied with a believer's lifestyle and deeds, or when a Christian thinks that achievements, accomplishments and actions qualify to justify them in the eyes of God. The Holy Spirit reveals the Truth of God's Word to believers and what is contrary to God's Truth.

A sure foundation is built on the teachings of Christ, everything else must be repented of and torn down from self-exaltation, for there is no other foundation that can be laid that is of any eternal significance or worth.

Dead Works is a subtle way of tempting God; it is also a sin of presumption.

A guilty conscience generally drives people to do Dead Works, to try and be presentable to God as it may ease the feeling of guilt.

The accountability of mankind in response to what God has provided is to received and apply His Word by trust and belief. Faith is not a self-sustaining virtue. Faith rests upon God.

True believers are saved because their lives are built on the solid foundation of Christ Himself. They will be rewarded for good works but any unworthy works will not survive God's judgement.

Repentance from Dead Works is not a conviction of sin, nor is it being religious. Sin produces Dead Works and leads to death. Turning away from Dead Works is turning away from empty pious accomplishments. Repentance from Dead Works remains an ongoing part of Christian Life.

Christianity is not another name for religious works, because of the Works of Christ. God appointed Jesus to free mankind from ritualistic works and offer a personal covenant relationship. Religious Dead Works are applied by all false religions. Many religions throughout the world teach the idea of attaining justification, but they are Dead Works because they cannot obtain Salvation.

Zeal is not enough, it has to be combined with the Truths of God. Only God imputes righteousness, justification and sanctification through Jesus and cannot be achieved through any other. Therefore all who try to win God's favour by their own efforts, their own confidence, their own good deeds or good character must repent from Dead Works and believe only in The Work of Christ upon The Cross.

The Old Testament Prophets also preached against Dead Works and repentance from them including John The Baptist, Christ's forerunner, because they were works without trust and belief, they were devoid of faith. The object of that faith, being The Messiah, mankind's Lord and Saviour.

Salvation is not a reward for any good works done, no-one can take credit for being saved. God, in His wisdom knew that this would bring about a false sense of superiority.

Repentance from Dead Works revives a spiritually dead state. This is to be coupled with Faith in God. Repentance from Dead Works is not sufficient in itself, trust and belief in God must be added. The sins of persons unconverted to The Truths of Christ are also called Dead Works, because they proceed from spiritually dead people. True Spiritual life can only come by The Holy Spirit.

The practices of Religious Teachers in Jesus' day were called Dead Works, works that were of no distinction. Service is not Salvation.

Dead Works are burned up by the fire of God's pure justice and judgement.

The Doctrine of Repentance from Dead Works is a foundational one that is very much neglected.

SCRIPTURES Matthew 15:3,6, Colossians 2:8, Hebrews 6:1.
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