The Creation, which involves the universe, galaxies, the solar system, the preparation of land and water for habitational life on this earth for animals and mankind, came into existence only through the will and Word of The Eternal God.

God has revealed that He is a person, a Triune Godhead. The Triune Godhead co-operated in the Creation, Christ as well as God the Father was involved in the act of Creation as was The Holy Spirit. God The Father, was the planner and designer, Christ was the spoken Word sent forth and The Holy Spirit carried out the function. The Triune Godhead was fully active in every aspect of creation.

God Himself is greater than the universe He created.

God is superior to all as Creator. The all-powerful God of Creation also presides over the destiny of the universe. God's creative act did involve bringing the universe into being from nothing, and it was structured to the design of God who brings order and meaning to existence. God changed emptiness into fullness. His commands brought reality and it showed forth great power and great wisdom. The primary issue is that God is the Creator, and that is all people need to know and understand with our human finite minds. Beauty emerged from a formless void at the beginning. The complex universe God made has great diversity; it is stable and dependable in and on His ongoing care. All the time God is very active in every aspect of creation.

The Bible alone introduces a single All-Powerful God, who is above all, and whose personal actions began all things. It is a complicated, involved design strategy and formula.

Psalm 104:24 "How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures".

Humankind is the pinnacle of God's creation, the reason for the creation of the universe. The Bible account is unique as it lets mankind know that God existed before creation and called the physical universe into being.

God's power alone is the source of all matter and all living things.

God has created all, and it was revealed with the rhythm and motion set in working order which is still in preservation today, since the time of the creation. He created matter out of nothing. He is able to impart life into matter, and impart light from within Himself for His own purposes. God created organised matter and from that matter He created.

If the Creation were written in scientific terms it would not have been understood by each generation throughout time. It would become a relic for every future generation, but the bible account of God's Creation speaks to all, the ancient, the medieval, the people of today and for those in the future. It has spoken to all backgrounds of humankind. The word used for create in The Book of Genesis is also used for 'of life' and for 'human life'. Before the creation of the universe, angels had already been created. The creation around us is evidence of God's wisdom since it was by His wisdom that He formed the universe. The original Hebrew term for heavens and earth pertains to the whole universe and all heavenly bodies. He created as a free act of His choice and He continually sustains it all. The human race is the witness to an order in God' active creation. Humans are given morality, reasoning, intellect and spiritual capacities.

When God created the universe, and set it in motion, this solar system, the flora, fauna and mankind on this planet, He clearly showed creation in an orderly manner. God's Spirit preserved all of that which had been created, in order form of events from the lowest to the highest form of life, from creating and filling e.g. The first three days were forming and the next three days were the order of filling.

God's scale of time and dimension differs from a human's idea of scale of time.

Time is for humankind. Space and time are dimensions of the created order and human beings are bound by both. As the world order is not self-created, so it is not self-sustaining, as God is. The stability of the universe depends on constant divine upholding.
God, at the beginning, commanded light to come forth, from Himself, it was not the sun of our solar system. Light is necessary for the making of God's creative works to be visible and to make life possible, and is the foundation of life. This solar system includes this planet earth, it's moon and sun that were already in existence when God assigned and revealed their place and purpose. The 'lights', sun, moon and stars, are seasonal signs to relate to the phases of the moon and the stars to mark the passage of time from the vantagepoint of earth.

The Bible account of creation is unique in the fact that the revelation of it came from God, and that all things were made by Him.

At the time of creation, The Spirit of God hovered over waters. God divided the waters. He placed a firmament high around the earth, high above, so waters were above the firmament and waters below the firmament. This created a protective greenhouse effect over this planet. Also the Word of God clearly portrays that the pre-flood world was vastly different from the world we know, i.e. the land was watered by mist, from subterranean waters instead of rain. God commanded the water to be gathered together in one place and it was so, dry land appeared. Next, the boundaries of the waters below (seas) distinguished by earth, gathered together in one place.
God commanded that the earth bring forth vegetation, in accordance with the laws of plant life. Seed production came first, bearing fruit according to its own kind, and fowls of the air, sea life, animal life, all were made after their own kind, and went forth to produce after their own kind. The animals were each made male and female and mated after their own kind, and they existed before mankind.
God spoke all into being, but personally shaped Adam. He fashioned Adam's body forming something new and different from other creatures.
Animals, both male and female to reproduce after their own kind. But for Adam, who was created separately, there was no mate found. So woman was created. God personally made the differences between the animals and mankind. He created mankind in his own likeness and personality.
There is a contrast between animals and humans; instinct for animals and intellect for humans; animals only have body and soul, human beings have three parts, spirit, soul and body; a triune being like God, who wants them to respond to Him.

God interacts with people; He does not interact with the other creatures of His creation on earth.

The All-Powerful God did not need to rest at the end of the accomplishment of the creation, it just means He no longer worked on the creation, it was itself finished. By this He revealed a pattern and example He wanted and intended to be followed by mankind, to have a day of rest from work, this was for the benefit of mankind, and the land.

There are many references to God's active involvement in The Creation in The Bible and His own evaluation of it was that 'it was good' and after humankind, it was 'very good'.

There are points that are made in the bible creation story of Genesis that clearly distinguishes mankind's beginnings were separate and distinct from that of the animals.
The universe if full of perfect arrangement and purpose. Man is the excellence of God's creative works and is made in the image of God, far superior and different from any animal. The intelligence of man is one of the greatest arguments for the existence of an intelligent God. Man also has an intuitive belief and knowledge of the existence of God and is created to worship God.

The laws of genetics that were impressed upon all living things are contrary to any guess, which is what a theory is, a guess, of life existing by evolution. By mating all living creatures could not produce a new or different species, other than the boundaries of laws that God had already set.
Many scientists have long abandoned organic evolution theories. The idea of a natural development by natural causes is not consistent with the Word of God, which demonstrates an order of formation. First came Light- Second came the sky and the oceans, third in order was the dry land and plants, fourth, to control the seasons and navigation was the sun, moon and stars, after which, the fifth command ordered the existence of sea life and bird life, followed by animal life and mankind. God called His creation good, but after mankind He called it very good.
The 'lights', sun moon and stars, are seasonal signs to relate to the phases of the moon and the stars to mark the passage of time from the vantagepoint of earth. There are too many galaxies to count in the universe. This galaxy in which this solar system that contains earth, spins at the incredible speed of 490,000 miles per hour and takes 200 million years to make one rotation and spins on its own axis which helps create four seasons to sustain life. This complex sea of spinning stars functions with remarkable order and efficiency and shows the greatness, power and awesomeness of God's majesty.

Mankind does not know how God created the universe, nor understand its complexity, but it is clear that God created it including all life. God chose to create this wonderful universe as an expression of His wisdom and His love.

Mankind alone is arranged for fellowship with the Creator out of all his creation.

Mankind's recent theory of the creation, which is not a proven fact states that all matter, energy and life, appeared by itself without any intervention by a divine designer. This belief is that:
- All life began by chance through a combination of 'energised matter that just came into being' by itself and developed by itself over time from water, which also 'happened to form by itself'.
- All plants and animals began as simple life forms and changed into higher life forms over billions and billions of years of time.
- That all species of life, trees, bacteria etc. only exist because of a series of change, accidentally.
- That mankind developed from these simple forms of life to a higher life by continually changing.
- That matter and life forms are still evolving.

Mankind is not merely the product of an impersonal biological process, but life as a gift from God. God requires interactive fellowship with mankind, through prayer and worship. Only the God of the bible has asked that people pray and commune with Him, this is not found in any other religion. Humans are stewards of the earth that God created and entrusted to them. God desires that humanity is to subdue the earth, to tend and keep it. Mankind is to have dominion over all animals, birds, reptiles and sea life. A dominion that forbids cruelty and abuse.

God spoke all into being, but personally shaped Adam, forming something new and personal, breathing life into him, and forming his helpmate, Eve from his flesh and bone. God interacted with them but not with any other creatures of His Creation in this world. The human race is the witness to God's order and progression in creative activity.
The important lesson is not the process of creation, but the origin of it. The Bible shows and tells a lot about the Creator, the infinite God who has always been.

Those who challenge God's power are forced to recognise His greatness, how awesome are His works and His majesty.

SCRIPTURES Genesis 1:9,21,24,25,27, Genesis 2:7.
QUESTIONS 1] How did God create the heavens and the earth? 2] In what way does mankind's theory conflict with God's Word? 3] What was different about human beings than that of animals? 4] What does it mean that mankind was made after the image of God? 5] Why was a woman especially created?


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