The foundation for the believer's confidence is obtained from the nature of God, of Jesus Christ and the fact that God has proved Himself faithful on behalf of His people in the past.

Confidence in God and in His Word is the knowing of a righteous outcome of any situation or future event and that it is based on His truth. Trusting that what God has proclaimed in His Word for the future will take place and a certainty that the trust given to His Word relied upon is not misplaced.

He is trusted to Judge all with complete Justice.

Reliance on God and His Word is having total grounding in the expectation of His goodness and providential care that always lead to a specific result.

Belief in God and belief placed in His Sovereignty brings security and confidence.
"There is no shame for those who hope in The Lord". Psalm 25:3.

God helps and protects those who depend upon Him and have complete confidence in His plans. This accompanies an expectation of His faithfulness, His presence, and His promises that extend beyond death into eternity prepared by God Himself, of which the reality is guaranteed by Jesus Christ.

All three persons of the Godhead, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the assurance to believers of the Truth of their own resurrection, their gift of Eternal Life and future grandeur. The effect of certainty for the future and the earnestness of serious commitment to God, living a godly life now should be a Christian distinction.

Confidence in God reassures believers in this present life, allowing them to lead effective and productive lives for God, ministering to others with the help of The Holy Spirit.

The absence of God's Word and of The knowledge of Christ in people's lives lead to loss of meaning to life which allows a sense of despondency and ultimately despair, which sharply contradicts a Christian's view on life. There is a lack of hope and the choice of trusting God can seem futile as deception encourages the rejection of the gift of God where there is spiritual blindness. It is the responsibility of a Christian to clear away the darkness of deception and lead those who are lost, with the help and guidance of The Holy Spirit, into the Kingdom of God, to also share in Eternal Life.

A firm belief in Christ is nourished by The Holy Spirit in the areas of restoration, moral principles, godly living, evangelising, and is the assurance of abundant, satisfied life now and in the future. A Christian trusts wholeheartedly in the Character of God, as revealed in His Word and in part through the nature of His Son, Christ. Those who rely on material objects and in wealth instead of God's Word of Truth, provokes His wrath.

God's Word gives assurance upon the absolute knowledge of God revealed in Creation, in His mighty acts through History. It is the confidence given us by His promises, the certainty of the Vindication, the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus, His Son.

Confidence in God gives spiritual contentment that is with a believer through the triumphs and heartaches. It is stability and peace of mind, regardless of the circumstances. Christians have the power through Christ to respond and give total commitment to God's Truths. Trusting in God's sovereignty is knowing that all things work together for His peoples good.

It is the believer's inward testimony of The Holy Spirit and of His outward demonstration of power, relying with confidence in the knowledge of the Truth of The Miracles of Christ and His work,
believing in who He is and in His mission.

With the testimony of God's people through The Holy Spirit's sealing God's promises and giving inner convictions, strengthen what a Christian already believes. The God-given security which believers have is assured in blessings of divine grace and the unfailing love of God The Father, which He freely offers to all through Christ.

The completeness of doctrine and confidence in God's Word is expressed in the life of believers, which should result in steadfastness in service and in the face of difficulties. God-given assurance produces spiritual maturity and stability which help believers as they depend upon God for spiritual and physical needs that arise out of the awareness of human helplessness. God is a refuge and can be trusted. He can be depended upon for strength and courage for facing any trial in every day life.

To know God is not merely knowing things about Him, such as His character, but is to experience His presence and His power. An encounter with God markedly gives a person a spiritual transformation from death to life. Jesus was God in a human body, on earth. To know Christ is to be transformed by Him and renewed by The Holy Spirit.

A person can receive God's guidance through His Word and through The Holy Spirit. His guidance is needed because the human race has become mainly ignorant of God and is rebellious by nature and easily led astray. His guidance is promised to those who genuinely desire it and seek after it. God always takes the initiative to help the people of His creation and desires that they respond to His help.

The certainty of a Christian does not arise from the credibility of the believer but is based on the trustworthiness and faithfulness of God's Word. This confidence comes from God, allowing His Character to be known and experienced by His intervention through His Word and revealed in Jesus Christ, which bring a respect for God's Name.

The full revelation of the New Covenant in Jesus Christ provides more reasons for confidence in God. Jesus showed the power and wisdom of God's Kingdom and gave believers a 'living hope' through His resurrection from the dead, proving God and His Word is eternal.

SCRIPTURES Job 17:13, Psalms 146:5, Acts 23:6, Romans 5:3-4.
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