Compromise in the dictionary is defined as weakening of principles, a settlement or an adjustment of conflicting claims, principles, etc., by yielding a part of each; arbitration, something intermediate between different things, an endangering, especially of reputation; exposure to danger, suspicion, to settle by a liable to danger, suspicion, scandal etc.; endanger the reputation, to involve unfavourable; commit.

Compromise happens when there is a self-satisfied state of complacency and carelessness. Spiritual and moral compromise happens usually in personal circumstances where there is a combination of contrasting values. God forbids association with those lowering their standards. Motives and reasons for compromising can be lack of faith, selfish desires and even fear of ridicule, being scoffed at or persecuted.

Christ gave His believers commandments and principles He wanted carried out. Failing to keep these creates problems, for when the Church is called to carry out a particular task, it must be distinctively committed to God.

The world system, a very sophisticated, developed culture, also has a religion; things other than God are first priority. Desire for selfish reasons on material gain is usually the motive behind compromising the principles of God.

The world and The Body of Christ constantly have confrontation, for Christians only serve One God.

Many Christians and Leaders of Churches are beginning to compromise with the world and this is a very dangerous thing, it is a critical situation for the Church to be in such a position, for it means a drifting away from The Word of God.

In The Book of Judges, the nation of Israel was drawn into the culture of the world, and its attractions, its new religions, lifestyle. God turned them over to the world's dominion, a cycle that was repeated over and over. This pattern continues amongst Spiritual Israel today (The Body of Christ).

Christians are called to live a different lifestyle from that of the world, to live separate from its culture, so different that the people of the world should see the contrast.
This is done with the help of The Holy Spirit renewing the life of a believer.

Compromising of God's Word with the culture of the world system is the first step in
a breakdown with the covenant relationship through Jesus Christ with God. Believers should not compromise their convictions. Compromising divides a believer's loyalty. Compromising keeps believers from doing what is right. Compromising weakens a believer's trust in God.

The Church is becoming like the story of Samson, who is a very good example of failing to be faithful. He compromised in the exact same culture he was called to confront and he also lost his power. This happens today among some of the local Churches and individual Christians. Servants of God become lax in watching and waiting for Christ's return and allow the influence of the world and self to sway them from his responsibility. Jesus asked the question, will there be faith of expectation of him when he returns?

It is impossible for the Church and the individual Christian to live out a God-centred existence in confrontation of the cultural order, with which The Body of Christ disagrees, if they participate in the system that is opposed.

When compromising takes place, it is the failure of the 'saltiness' of Christianity amongst the community as many are adopting the cultural and lifestyle values, thinking it is alright to do so as they do not consult the Word of God. Compromising is breaking all of God's mandates.

Christians are to be in the world but not of it, and are to help those lost in the world, for them to find Life Eternal through Christ, not participate in its codes.

If the Church (the Christian people) embrace those things which God has called 'abominations' then the Church has become very weak.

When Christians live a life completely separated to God's principles, they are a very effective force to whom the world looks, but when there is compromising, any respect from unbelievers is lost. Christians sometimes reach a self-satisfied state of negligence and carelessness. Christ expects disciples to stay vigilant and alert, no matter the state of personal situations. Physical complacency leads to spiritual complacency.

The Church's task is to be part of the confrontation against what the world wants and what God wants. Christ commanded Christians to do this. The Church is on the edge of cultural values over right and wrong, good and evil in all walks of life and in all types of media.

To take Christ's command and to carry it out, is to be where the battle of souls is happening right now.

Compromising by some Christians and Church Leaders jepodise the very plan of Salvation through Christ. The Church has to be willing to confront the self-centred culture issues of the world and not allow them to be spread throughout the church affecting new or uniformed believers.

Compromising is a combination of values and practices that differ and incur God's disapproval. God forbids compromization with types of pagan practice. Associating with such alliances is forfeiting loyalty to God The Creator and Father of The Lord Jesus Christ. If a Christian refuses to be faithful to God's lifestyle, it means being unfaithful in a covenant relationship.

When a Christian retains the stand to stay in God's ways and is committed to Him, He works through those people and His Presence makes a powerful impact in what they do, both in little ways and in big ways.

A Christian represents Christ, and when a Christian compromises with a social culture that looks attractive, the personal witness of a Christian is also compromised.

A Christian who does compromise, ruins any opportunity to make an impact for Christ, not being able to remain distinct, true to God and to His Way of Living which leads to Life. This is also true of individuals and local Assemblies of believers and those who represent them.

Compromising is cheating yourself, and letting yourself be deceived to lose what you once had.

Compromising is watering down The Word of God, and is treading under foot The Blood of Jesus, which bought for them their freedom from The Wrath of God against sin and from The Second Death.

SCRIPTURES Matthew 5:13, Revelation 2:20-22, 3:15-16, Exodus 20:1-2, Deuteronomy 18:10.
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