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The Book of Colossians was a letter warning against heresy from The Apostle Paul. It is one of four letters The Apostle wrote during his Roman imprisonment.

Colosse was a prosperous leading city in Asia Minor located on a river trade route.

The Book of Colossians opposes the nature and false teachers of heretical statements. Reliance on human wisdom secret knowledge and tradition without the supremacy of Christ was an element of teaching in the Colossian Gentile Church.

False teachers led people into false religions by angel worship, ceremonial rites and religious festivals, including mysticism, all of which are man-made philosophies, that is the basis of all cults. One heresy problem the Apostle dealt with was the idea of proving the control over the physical body, by depriving it of its needs and desires.

The theme of the text is the completeness in Christ compared with the emptiness of vain human knowledge. It is the most Christ-centred Book in The Bible, explaining that Christ is the foremost in everything and His disciples should reflect that He rules in the hearts and in every area of life. The book contains part of a hymn from the early Christianity.

The Book of Colossians is the seventh of nine New Testament doctrinal and discipleship letters written by The Apostle Paul to the early churches. These books are also considered History Books containing teaching. It is also the twelfth of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.


 The Pre-eminence of Christ

 The Supremacy of Christ

 Christ, Head of The Church

 Position of Believers (the inner life)

 Practice of Believers (the outer life)



Prophecies of The Messiah claimed His deity. He Himself claimed to be One with The Father. Jesus called Himself I AM, the Old Testament meaning of God's name. Jesus is worshipped by angels who declare His divinity. He uniquely shares The Father's work.

All treasure of wisdom and knowledge is found in Christ alone. Jesus perfectly represents God, for He is God. Christ is God Himself, not simply and angelic being or an output messenger figure. All creation is under His standing, power, ability and authority because of His pre-eminence and sovereignty. The authority and pre-eminence of Christ is seen in His works over nature, over sin, over sickness, over evil, and over death. It is seen in His teaching and is both recognised and opposed by others.

He is The First and The Last is of divine origin, has equality with The Father from whom comes His authority. Jesus spoke and acted as God, on behalf of The Father. This scripture is one of the strongest statements in The Bible that reveals the divine nature of Christ. He is Lord, Judge and Saviour. The Bible confirms Jesus' Deity. His pre-existence confirms His divinity.

He is completely holy and has the supremacy to judge the world and is active today.


Jesus is The Image of God, The Creator, The Pre-existent Sustainer of all things, the Fullness of The Godhead, The first to be resurrected and The Reconciler, The Believer's Hope, Sustainer of all things, the Fullness of The Godhead, The first to be resurrected and The Reconciler, The Believer's Hope.

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