Western people are turning to the eastern philosophy of reincarnation of the soul, because they do not have the knowledge of God's Word (The Bible). They assume Christianity cannot answer their human intellectual questions or fulfil the desires of their hearts.
A Christian cannot believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation beliefs conflict with every essential Truth of The Bible.

Reincarnation has been proven to be of satanic and occultic origin and continues to use mediums, spirit guides and astrology.

The God of Creation, who continually predicted mankind's Salvation and Redemption through Christ is the One and Only Living God, has been worshipped since the beginning of the world.

The Old Testament and the New Testament of The Bible are linked by the prophecies of Christ and their fulfillment. The Old Testament cannot be separated from the New Testament as The New Testament teachings come from The Old Testament. God desires worship from all nations of the earth as the Creator and made another direct covenant with all mankind through Noah, after the flood, approximately 4,000 years B.C.

All other philosophies and religions are man-made, including reincarnation.

Reincarnation is a riddle in itself; there is no beginning of a soul, yet it is to continue for forever being reborn? The word Karma means 'sacrifice, ritual act', it is viewed as punishment for life's evils.

God's Son Jesus Christ accomplished the true sacrifice on The Cross; He paid full the debt of the sin of mankind, He said, "It is Finished".
There is no need to think that justice still has to be owed, or paid off in a multitude of lives of one's soul.

In the teaching belief of reincarnation the law of Karma states one's soul can be reborn as an insect, animal or a human being. All the suffering a person has in this life is his or her own fault from a previous lived life.
The law of Kama states that the suffering will always catch up and that there is no escape from it.
Today modern medicine nullifies that there is such a law of Kama.

Humans are made in the image of God and therefore Christians reject the eastern idea of their souls returning in the circle of life as an animal or an insect. There are major changes of the belief to suit Western educated minds.

The law of Karma states that a person's thoughts, actions [no matter how small] and words determine the kind of animal or human body the soul will inhabit in the next cycle of life. If a person reaches the perfect state they never come back. There are no writings about where the soul is supposed to go. This hypothesis does not have a clear teaching on the continuous process of rebirth.

Reincarnation came from a blend of cultures and was established in India during the later part of the Vedic period,
650 B.C. Re-incarnation developed and grew through many cultures, races and religions that helped develop it into a philosophy, then a form of religion. Many 'sacred' writings have contributed to its fundamental beliefs. As well as believing in reincarnation many gods are worshipped as well.

The eastern Hindu religion and Buddhism, (which is a break-away group of Hinduism but still keep the Hindu opinion), both, of which are occultic religions and have modified their laws on reincarnation circle of life to suit the mentality of the an intellectual mind.

Karma law also states that a person's soul (self-will, mind and emotions) is immortal, i.e.divine, as God is.

God has revealed in The Book of The New Testament, called Hebrews, 9:27 "It is appointed for man to die once and after this comes judgement".

At death, a believer's spirit goes to be with Christ and looks forward to the future resurrection of his own body. Without Jesus there is no assurance of Salvation, no way to approach God, The Father and to know the truth of His love for mankind.

Reincarnation is a guise for the old ancient Babylonian and Greek philosophies of 'Gnosticism'- the mystic religion that knowledge leads to yourself being a god, all equal to each other, being the ultimate being of each one's self. All supposedly to be equal, not one with more knowledge than another once reaching one's goal, promoting self-awareness.

To those who have no knowledge of The Bible or have never really sought The Truth's of God and His Christ, reincarnation answers the problems of evil, of why people are born with defects, wealth or poverty, injustice, suffering and personalities. People just accept this without questioning the source of it all.

The argument for 'past lives' has no evidence to support its supposition.

Eastern gurus and opportunists make personal fortunes of the ignorance of people who are really searching for the meaning of life but start out on the wrong path. This includes classes of yoga for relaxation, transcendental meditation and all eastern activities.

The practice of Yoga is worship of dead gurus, the positions of the worship are disguised as relaxation.

Many deceived people think that through hypnotism, another form of occult activity, they can recall past lives, but all these experiences can be explained. People also seek to remember their past lives through occultish mediums and psychics, again being misled on dangerous spiritual territory.

A reincarnationist believes that the soul of their person circles continually, until through good deeds and moral conduct, the soul achieves spiritual perfection. They are blinded to the fact that it is of the occultic practice.

The Bible says this perfection cannot be obtained by good works, for salvation is a gift from God, The Creator, because of the obedience of Christ's atoning work on the Cross.

Reincarnationists also believe in rituals for purification of the body and rituals to mark important events in their personal lives.

To change laws of a religion to suit a different culture of people means that it is not a law of truth in the first place, working one way for some but another way for others. i.e. the poor and sick of India who are strong believers in reincarnation and the health and wealth of western countries.

All man-made theories and laws of religion continually change
but the Word of God remains the same.


- How is justice served if people have no knowledge of why they are punishing themselves in life? - If they do not know, how can they avoid the same harmful actions? - Can they repeat the same action not only once but many times over? - Without the knowledge of the reason for a Karma, how can progress be ascertained? - suffer punishment, self-inflicted, self deserving, live and suffer it out? - suffer yourself without outside help? - you have to do good in Karma? - you have to leave each person to work out their own Karma? - if others are sick and poor you cannot help them? - no evidence to support this theory? - everything is repeated with no final meaning? - no end in history nor beginning? - does not satisfy man's justice? - no standard of right or wrong? - is an excuse for immorality? - it is a self and self-centred doctrine? - it cripples any unity of humanity? - produces despair? - causes people to ignore the suffering of others? - teaches that suffering is one's own fault? - produces pride among the rich, the famous or the healthy? - produces shame for the poor and the sick? - no self-identify for each person? - no place for forgiveness, for there is no recognition of it? - it denies the existence of evil?

There are not enough people that die to provide the number of souls needed for a growing populated world. More people are born in this present age and are continuing to populate the earth as well as the older generation living longer.

Many different people are living in the world claim to be the reincarnation of the same person at the same time, always usually a famous person of history, but a person cannot have multiple souls.

The Word of God does not teach any theory of reincarnation or any law of Karma as some religious cults might think.

When Jesus talked of 'being born again' it was of the spirit, made alive to God. Jesus, when healing a man born blind rejected that the man was born blind because of any sin he had already committed before his birth or any sin that his parents might have committed. John 9:2.
Some think that John the Baptist was a reincarnation of the prophet Elijah by having the same restoration ministry, but Elijah who has not physically died was himself on the mount of transfiguration. King Herod thought Jesus was the re-incarnation of John The Baptist because of guilt over his death and superstition.

Reincarnation is a useful tool in the eastern world and third world for the upper class to suppress the lower class, especially not to help the plight of the suffering. No attempt is made to kill rodents who eat much needed food or to rid the disease they carry for they may be a human soul. This type of belief allows human misery, suffering and self-starvation.

Just as Christians have compassion, nations can reduce the oppression of its reincarnationist system where it as a religion has taken priority. Serious doubt surrounds the intellectual integrity of reincarnationists, who as sinful humanity forsake God, The Creator of all life, for the only hope of Salvation is though Jesus Christ.

Reincarnation is a 'fad type' religion. Westerners embrace the idea of recycling of lives without understanding the teachings and doctrines behind it and go ahead blindly following after being lulled into a false sense of knowledge of trying to reach a utopia.

Some people who do not know what happens after death, hope that perhaps there is an opportunity to have a second chance and favour the 'new adapted' Western reincarnation religious theory.

With false religions comes God's judgement. False rituals are worthless vanity and emptiness. People pursuing emptiness are deceived and they themselves are empty of real life and Truth. Because of leaving God's righteous way people turn to worthless substitutes and trust their very lives and their eternal destiny to powerless traditions that cannot meet their true spiritual needs.

Only God of creation has the full and real resources of life.

God's Word will continue unchanged as the only true sustaining source of all spiritual things.

The One True and Living God, through Christ will always continuously give a new start, a new beginning at any moment a person repents. Salvation and forgiveness is available now, to receive Eternal life.

SCRIPTURES Hebrews 9:27, Exodus 20:2-3, Matthew 20, Mark 14, Luke 22, Deuteronomy 18:10.
QUESTIONS 1] Does The Bible teach Re-incarnation? 2] What does The Living God who made heaven and earth require? 3] If Jesus was a master guru, why did He die for the sins of mankind? 4] Is a hypocrite trance or to mesmerise against The Word of God?

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