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Caleb was of the Tribe of Judah and he left Egypt when Moses led the people out of bondage by the Egyptian Pharaoh, approximately in the year 1491 Before Christ.

The people of Israel were near the land of Canaan, The Promised Land that God was to give to the them, so Moses appointed 12 men, one from each tribe to spy through out the land, except for the tribe of Levi, the priesthood tribe.

Moses gave the men instructions to explore the land, the people, the cities, and the farming potential. This took 40 days and on returning only two men believed that victory would be for Israel, that they could take the land, even though the inhabitants had a reputation of being powerful warriors, large in physical stature and had previously never been beaten in battle.

One of these men was Caleb, the other Joshua. Caleb believed with all his being that God would be faithful to the Israelites whom He had already rescued from Egypt and would continue to give them victory in battle to secure the Land of Milk and Honey, as God had promised.

The tribal leaders brought back extraordinary samples of the fruit of the land to show Moses how fertile the land was.

The people were afraid when they heard the report and believed what the other ten spies had told them, that they would fail if they tried to take fortified cities and battle with the strong men that dwelt there. Caleb tried to encourage the people as they stood before Moses. Only Moses and Aaron, his brother were confident with Caleb and Joshua. Caleb kept his confidence in God's promise to the nation of Israel, though the people of the nation refused to agree with him, and tried to stone to death both Caleb and Joshua. Caleb continued to accept God's Word as The Truth. Caleb and Joshua knew Israel could be victorious over the occupants of Canaan dispite their physical size, strength, might and their great fortified cities. Because the Nation of Israel did not believe that God would do as He said, God did not allow any grown man of that age group who left Egypt, except Caleb and Joshua because they believed Him, to enter The Promised Land, they would wander in the wilderness until the next generation grew to maturity, and only then could they enter the land .

God said of Caleb to Moses that he was of a different kind of spirit and that Caleb had followed after Him wholeheartedly.

For each day the spies had been exploring in The Promised Land, the nation had to spend one year in the wilderness, so they wandered under the direction of Moses, led by God for forty years. God only allowed these two of the adult men, Caleb and Joshua, of the nation of Israel, who came out from Egypt to help conquer and live in The Promised Land forty years later.. Caleb fought with Joshua and the other soldiers against God's opposition, the occupants of Canann. Caleb and his own men drove out the powerful defenders in the southern hill country called Hebron. These men were descendants of great warriors of immense physical height and force.

Caleb was allotted special land from the tribe of Judah's portion, Hebron and south of Hebron, this was his and his descendants inheritance. Hebron is about 25 miles south of Jerusalem. When Caleb received this land, it fulfilled a promise God had made to Caleb 45 years earlier. God promised him a personal inheritance because of his trust in the faithfulness of God. At this point in time Caleb was 85 years old and still physically strong and vigorous, still able to do battle. He had been 40 years old when he scouted this land for Moses.

Caleb's life was full of obedience to God, he was a mighty soldier and became a shepherd after the wars. Caleb's boldness rested upon His understanding God, and his trust in God, not the ability of the Israelites strength to win the battles.

Caleb had three sons but he was very fond of his daughter, Acsah, who married Othniel, the man who became the first judge of Israel.

Caleb was admired because he carried through and stood by his conviction with what he believed, even though it could have cost him his life. He became a great combatant for God. He was proven that his beliefs were right when he disagreed with the majority. Caleb trusted faithfully in God.

People like Caleb are indeed rare for so many conform to public opinion, and buckle under the pressure of the majority, thus compromising their true convictions.

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