"May the God of peace sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of Jesus Christ". 1 Thessalonians 5:23

God is one in essence (sum and substance), but is three in persons. Human beings are created in His Image, and are like God as having intelligence. creativity, morality, sensibility and a will. God called his creation good, and 'man, very good'.

When God created man in His Own Image, He furnished man with having certain characteristics similar to His Own. Man was made whole and was blessed, was given reason, understanding, an appreciation for beauty, truth and justice, and a free will. Although God is independent and has life in Himself, mankind does not and is dependant upon God for his very breath.

Even though the Fall of Adam and Eve, being deceived and doubting God's Word, brought spiritual and physical death to all, after the flood He still pronounced that man was made in His Image. For this reason each person must respect each other. Sin has tarnished this image and it is not perfect but there is hope for restoration.

God made it possible for the rectification of mankind caused by the Fall in the Garden of Eden, through the sacrificial atonement blood of His Son, Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ, by which all believers are rested in God's presence.

God, The Father gets very grieved and disappointed by the free choice in regard to the wickedness of mankind, in this it shows a glimpse of personal divine emotion along with grace, love and mercy.

Human beings are also a trinity (three in one), having a body soul and spirit, but in God's order it is Spirit, Soul and Body. God has three parts, two unseen but known, one part seen and known. Mankind has two parts unseen but known and one part seen and known.

Though God is Spirit, He has a soul. His soul is capable of grieving over mankind. Animals have souls but there is a distinct difference. Human souls are sinful, animals are not and are innocent, they cannot sin. Animals do not have a spirit, they are not God conscious. Animals were not made in the image of God as was mankind, and they cannot worship God intelligently.

The spirit, soul and body is the wholeness of mankind. God gives the spirit which is eternal, the soul and body is received from natural parents. A spirit, soul or body is not pre-existent. The soul, heart, strength and mind are human faculties.

The body and soul is limited in weakness, 'a want to', selfish attitude that is capable of screening out appeals made from God to help and deliver mankind.


The spiritual aspect of human beings is the most significant, it gives us God-consciousness. Spiritual growth and knowledge is fed by the Word of God and The Holy Spirit. The spirit is the God, heart and mind part of mankind, the eternal part that is able to worship God, who is Spirit. The faculties of the spirit are intuition and conscious of right and wrong. The Spirit brings revelation and knowledge of God as well as fellowship with Him. A person's spiritual life is for eternity as well as the soul. It is what separated humans from animals. The spirit does not have prominent intellectual aspects but a direct relationship of an individual to God. The Fall broke the spiritual contact with God and it is by The Holy Spirit that mankind is reborn, with an incorruptible seed that brings the Sovereign grace of God for regeneration.


The soul is the self-conscious part of mankind, and the noted characteristics are forever, the personality, emotions, reasoning, memories and choices, as well as including the five senses of hearing, smelling, feeling, seeing and tasting. The soul needs love, and is capable of knowing oneself and the awareness of all things possible for man to know. It is the human control centre. The soul is the central part that brings the body and spirit together, it is the ego of a person which relates to earthly and physical things. It is including self-attitudes.


The human body is a masterpiece of divine genius, and each person is responsible for its maintenance to serve God and their fellow man. It is blood, flesh and bone, it is the blood that gives life. The body is fed by food. The five senses keep the body world conscious and the recognition of limited talent and the mortality of the body. The body is not merely an outer shell to house the soul and spirit but is the expression of a whole person and the temple of the Holy Spirit of a believer. However the physical body of this life, although affected by sin, shall be replaced by a body that will be pure. At the Second Coming of Christ, all believers receive a resurrected spiritual body, the same as Jesus has now, in the company of God, The Father.

Mankind bears the image and likeness of God. The Bible declares that man is crowned with glory and honour and sin does not rob humans of their person-hood. A human being's sense of worth cannot rest upon themselves as individuals, but on the foundation of the Word of God.

God accepts mankind with all their failings, to Him people are special.
Mankind has infinite value, being in God's likeness.

SCRIPTURES Genesis 1:26,27, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Ecclesiastes 3:11 .
QUESTIONS 1] Who did God use as an ideal to originate mankind? 2] What is God's order regarding the representation and likeness of mankind? 3] Is man a spiritual being? 4] What is the difference between body, soul and spirit?

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