Colour and Know Your Bible-
150 pages of pictures and cameos from Genesis to Revelation with clearly written text for teaching and colouring. Size B4 and A4

Colour and Know The Life of Jesus the Christ
150 pages of pictures and explanations about the life of Jesus Christ according to the Bible and the 300 prophecies made about His life. Size B4 and A4

Treasrued Pearls of Great Prize-
150 popularly discussed topics accurately explained from the Bible to be used as a quick reference also for study groups with questions after each topic.Size A4

Prayers for a Royal Priesthood
110 coloured pages of 10 groups of prayers with artistic designs, covering all aspects of prayer including an expansion of the Lord's Prayer. Size A4

Colour and Know-The Parables of Jesus. Size A4

Colour and Know-Portraits of 44 outstanding Old and New Testament male and female characters of The Bible.Size A4

Colour and Know-Bible Scriptures from every Book in The Bible. Size A4

Passion Week-
72 pages of pictorial and descriptive coverage of the last days on earth of Jesus Christ as a human being, including His death and ressurrection. Size A4

ABDA ACTS- Art and Publishing
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