Together we praise and adore You,
Heavenly Father,

We thank You for Your Christian Church, who are The Body of Christ on earth. You have given us Your Word and Your Holy Spirit, by which we can grow in the Knowledge of You and Your Only Begotten Son, Jesus. We are grateful for Your Mercy, Love, Forgiveness, Faithfulness and Guidance, Your Promises, Your Comfort and all Your Truths of Your Word.

Your Word is "A Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our path", and throughout Your Word You have revealed Yourself in Your Works and in Your Precepts. You have made manifest Your Greatness by showing us Your Love in Christ Jesus.

We rejoice that Our Lord Jesus Christ was obedient to Your Will, and we gratefully acknowledge that we are spiritually reborn because of the willingness that brought Him to the cross for our sakes. Between us and the wages of sin was His body, with our sin upon it; His blood shed for us. You did make Him to be sin for us, so that we could become righteous through Him, reconciled, bought back to You, Heavenly Father.

Thank You that The Holy Spirit unveils the nature of Your Son Jesus Christ to us and constantly teaches us to maintain our position in Christ. May You find pleasure and joy in the adoration of those in the Body of Christ.

Your Word teaches us to love and forgive others as You have loved and do forgive where there is repentance.

We ask that The Holy Spirit convict The Church of sin, of righteousness and judgement when we stray from Your guidance, just as He brings to mind, Your Love, Mercy, and Your Forgiveness to the repenter, Your Consolation to the sad, Your Strength to the weary, hope to the discouraged and deeper experiences of Your Grace to all who call upon You.

We will to show forth The Fruit of The Holy Spirit and desire restoration in the Body of Christ, to attain to Your Purposes and may all in The Body of Christ yield themselves to Your Sovereignty. We confess that we have valued wealth and possessions above spiritual gifts, we repent of this and ask for Your Forgiveness and Mercy.

It is our task to turn to You in need, to turn from wrongdoing and obey Your Word, reflecting seriously and wisely about Your Truths. We ask The Holy Spirit to purge your people from pettiness, pride and narrowness towards other nations and not to allow those in The Kingdom of God to be prayerless or complacent. We desire to resume a sense of responsibility in acknowledging You and Your ways first in our lives. We refute arguments, theories, every proud and lofty vain imaginationings that are set up against the true knowledge of the Gospel, and bring before you those in The Body of Christ that are at this time under persecution.

Help all to maintain an attitude of submission to You Father God, to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, to the gentleness of The Holy Spirit and to those in The Body of Christ. May those throughout The Church keep harmony and unity by the mutual loving of each other, by a conscious act of choice for the highest good to bring You glory.

May Your Word be used by those in authority and leadership throughout The Body of Christ, and that all of your people be stripped of all that weakens and be clothed with all that strengthens through the power and might of The Holy Spirit and be cleansed from all that is worldly, for our minds to be renewed and ignited in an eagerness for the things of heavenly value.

Thank You for Your Mystery which is revealed in Your Word, The Body of Christ - All One in The Spirit - Jew and Gentile alike. Humbly we acknowledge You who the "heavens cannot contain", The All-Knowing, The All-Present God.

We thank You for all in The Body of Christ and ask that we stir up The Holy Spirit within, to be living letters of Christ and eagerly seek to acquire Your love that never fails under any circumstance.

Grant particular grace, guidance and strength to those who are teaching Your Word, and may Your workers use their God-given authority with humility and The Church keep hold of the Truths of Jesus Christ. Revive Your Church continually and anoint Your people afresh.

Continue to bless Your children so that all can be a blessing to You and each other. Praise be to You Father God, so awesome, from everlasting to everlasting.

In the Righteous Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, Amen.

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