Jesus introduced this outstanding remark that human beings must undergo an inner essential change, by the renewing power of The Holy Spirit.

This is both needed and required for all humanity is born in a state of spiritual death (born of Adam, the sin nature) and each person needs to have a quickening of Spiritual Life from above, from God.

Only this new life within us can produce a Life for God and Life eternal for ourselves. Jesus explained the two births; flesh can give birth to flesh but The Holy Spirit must give birth to the spirit.

The Old Testament prophets foretold of a new inner life to come for mankind, that God had promised He would one day transform hearts, removing stony hearts that were unfeeling and inherit a new nature from God Himself, caring and responsive to His Word.

This is the renewal that Jesus was talking about when He said what one must experience to enter The Kingdom of God. The new birth into The Kingdom of God was made possible by The Works of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, coming from heaven spoke this with authority about the reality of this new life from above. God, The Father will give this new life through The Holy Spirit and Eternal Life to whosoever believes in His Son. Being Born Again of The Holy Spirit is reinstatement. Believers are restored from fallen human by the demonstration of God's love and The Holy Spirit. They are Born Again to the spiritual things of god which reveals and gives knowledge of God and His plans and purposes.

This new birth is an opening to the revelation of Jesus Christ, Son of The Living God. Born Again believers learn new life-changing truths in Christ.
Every believer has free abundant and immediate access to God.

The Apostles also taught and wrote about believers having been born again, not of a perishable seed but of an imperishable seed, through the power of The Living God and by His Holy Spirit. A Born Again man or woman is motivated by The Holy Spirit and not by a worldly system. There is a new will nature, a new image in Christ and a new purpose.

People become adopted children of God by this new birth, Sons in His Kingdom, through Jesus Christ, heirs according to the promise, spiritual descendants of Abraham and members of a great family, The Body of Christ. He has fashioned mankind after His own image and He loves all with an everlasting love and desires every soul to voluntarily come back to Him.

Being Born Again, an experiance which actually does take place, make believers new creations, with a new beginning, new creatures in Christ. The new Life promises that lives will grow and mature towards the likeness of Jesus. The Holy Spirit renews their thought patterns and cleanses the mind as the believer allows, changing them from impurity to a new creation. A new way of thinking is made possible by the Holy Spirit.

With this new life, believers pass from eternal death to Eternal Life. The Power of God changes lives. The act of regeneration, the renewal of the human heart by The Holy Spirit gives us salvation through believing in The Son of The Living God.

The believer receives a new relationship with God, a new perspective on difficulties and a new assurance of security and God's help in all areas of life. The proper response to God's gift is gratitude. The new inner life leads to Godly living and having a honest love for other people.

A person who has been born again is aware of new spiritual experiences and is aware of the Holy Spirit restoring character which provides evidence of the grace of God at work in a believer. The heart is renewed, there is sincerity and integrity towards God as well as a loved desire for God's word. A believer receives wisdom, humilty and the assurance of their salvation in Christ. There is nothing that mankind can do, no deeds can be performed that can change the reality for the need of a new birth from above, from God. Only the new spiritual life from the Holy Spirit can encounter and defeat the fate of sinful mankind.

Every one who receives the new spiritual birth by believing in Jesus Christ as Lord is Born Again of God.

To be Born Again, a new life from heaven as Jesus spoke of, born of The Spirit, go to the Topic named Decision Prayer and ask God, The Father, to be born of The Spirit and ask for Eternal Life as Jesus had promised to whosoever believes in Him.

SCRIPTURE John 3:3, 1 John 1:9, Romans 8:9,16,17, Galatians 6:15, Ephesians 2:10, 2 Corinthians 5:17. QUESTIONS 1] How can a person enter The Kingdom of God? 2] What happens when a person receives new life from God? 3]What did God's prophets write about? 4]What does it mean to be born again?

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