Jesus said Heaven could only be entered through the NARROW GATE (Christ Himself),
for the highway, which leads to destruction, is broad and wide (many gates).
THE GATE TO LIFE is small and the road narrow (that is One Way Only) and only a few ever find it. Jesus said HE WAS THE GATE and those who come in by
WAY OF THE GATE will be saved. Matthew 7:13,14. John 10:9.

It is fundamental and necessary for believers to know The Word of God in order to stand victoriously and be triumphant regarding deception by the enemy, the enemy being Satan and his cohorts. Satan is deceitful, devious and cunning, deceiving people for his own gain. He is evil, a liar, blinds unbelievers and misuses the scripture of God. Demons seek to deceive all human beings including believers away from God. For this reason of great deception which leads to eternal anguish, Christians are warned against being involved with anything that is associated with such dissension.

To be deceived is believing others who deliberately intend to make people trust in things, behaviour and their words that are not true. It is distinguished in charm, flattery, lies, shrewdness and dishonesty.

Satan and demons inspire all paganism. Witchcraft is of evil nature and all involvement with spiritism and mediums is forbidden by God, and must be renounced. All paganism is inspired by Satan and demons. Witchcraft is of evil nature and all involvement with spiritism and mediums is forbidden by God, and must be renounced.

Christians must have a true knowledge of scriptural principles and must arrive at a decision after consideration of all aspects of the factors involved of what is false, including deception. Christians are to make decisions at many areas and levels in their life. Guidance from God is given through prayer, gifts of The Holy Spirit, God's Word, discernment, common sense and wisdom of God or through other mature people. The end result should be sustained by a concern to please God.

People have to understand and know how to separate thoughts from oneself, thoughts from God, thoughts from Satan and evil spirits. This is taught in The Word of God and by The Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ has conquered and has overcome Satan and his hosts of evil demons and spirits. Christ has exposed them as defeated foes. The Holy Spirit renews minds, trains and guides believers into all truth.

All spiritual powers are subject to the authority of Jesus Christ.

Discernment is sound judgement between good and evil, the recognition of God's principles and ways against avoidance of life's evil pitfalls. Discernment is a gift from God; it is received through His Word and through the insight of a renewed mind by The Holy Spirit. It is distinguishing what is holy and seeing through outward appearances of underlying deceit and demonic forces. Immaturity lacks discernment and proper judgement.

Deception is at the heart of human sin. Satan's power depends on deceiving.

False lying spirits, prophets and false teachers rely on deception. Spiritual deception is condemned by God and results in judgement. Deceptions come from both oneself and evil forces assailing on the mind, will and emotions. This is why there is need for The Armour of God and His Weapons.

Being deceived, people try to approach God on their own self-serving terms.

All false doctrines and teachings throughout the world, try to separate what Jesus said from WHO Jesus IS.

People either want to separate the supernatural Jesus from His ethical teachings or stay ignorant of The Truth He taught, closing their minds to this reality.

Some of the things people do take part in that which opposes God and His Perfect Plan are in the following list. Though most of the practices of the following end in spiritual and physical death, it is kept hidden from people because of the craftiness and cunning of the devil. The craftiest lie of all is to have human beings believe that he does not exist.

The decisive question is whether people obey the Word of God The Father, who is in heaven. If people say they are Christians, but go on living in spiritual darkness and sin, they are lying.

Those who do what Christ has said, will grow to love God more and more and be eager to obey Him. This is the way to know whether a person is a Christian or not. Those who obey God can claim to know Him, also for loving others proves the love of God is being matured within them.
God's nature and purposes are not based on deception but upon truthfulness and trustworthiness.

Many people involve themselves in what they think is quite innocent of any spiritual destruction, in fact they are led to believe it is an opening for spirituality and inner peace. Nothing could be further from the truth! To be deceived by oneself is to be truly un-illuminated (kept in the dark literally) and people go through this denial, suffering unnecessarily because of lack of knowledge from God's Word.

Astral travel, Any psychic readings, Atheism+, Astrology, Adoration of material things+, Adultery+, Angel worship, Ancestor worship, Abortion.

Black magic, Black mass, Buddhism- the belief that dead souls of humans return in human or an animal form, Boasting in oneself+, Bitterness+, Blasphemy+

Clairvoyance- which is attempting to use spiritual power, Crystal readings and objects -which is a false religion, Charms of any kind for the purpose of luck or good fortune+, Card readings+, Charmers, Cheating+, Cultural rituals of tradition+

Disobedience+, Divination, Drunkedness+, Dishonesty+, Dead Works+, Dream Interpreters,

E.S.P., Eastern meditation are all false religions

False prophets, Fortune telling of any kind, Fire walking

Gnostic's belief is knowledge all, Gossip+, Greed+, Guru teachers

Horoscopes is the study of stars at birth for future predictions, a star is a sun, a planet is a dead rock, only its creator God, Who Is Alive knows the future, Hypnosis is suggestions given while in a trance, mind left open to spirit beings, Hypnotism claims to try and heal, Hinduism is the belief that dead souls and spirits return in animals and insects, Hypocrisy+, Homosexuality+, Hatred+, Heresy+

Interpreting omens, Idolatry+, Icons+, Incest+, Immorality+


Meditation leaves mind open for spirit beings, Motivation of self+, Moving objects by mind or will, Magical powers, Mediums are people allowing spirits to control them, Murder+, Mind over matter+, Mind reading

Numerology by fortune telling, Not putting God first+

Objects that are believed to have certain powers, Ouji boards, Oppressing the poor+

Palmistry is reading of hand for future life fortune telling, Psychics, Pride+, Prostitution+, Plotting evil or revenge+, Pagan rituals+, Praying to the dead

Rape+, Reincarnation, Revenge seeking+, Racism+, Rebellion of any kind against The True Living God

Spiritual adultery, Satanic worship, Seances, Spiritualism, Superstition+, Seeking vengeance+, Spiritism, Sorcery-control of spirits, Swindling+ , Swearing+

Tarot Card readings, Trances, Thieving+, Traditions of humankind+


Witchcraft-white or black, Wizardry

Yoga and any other mind and physical relaxation from eastern mysticism, includes ALL types of meditation

Zodiac of twelve constellations-future telling and omen seeking




SCRIPTURES Luke 4:5-6, Matthew 4:8-10, Genesis 3:1-14, Isaiah 8:19-20, Exodus 8:25, 8:1-19.
QUESTIONS 1] Does the domain of Satan's rule influence the kingdoms and persons of this world? 2] Is deception Satan's greatest weapon against mankind? 3] Do occultic practices deceive people from The Holy Spirit's Truth? 4] Does the Bible warn against all occultic deceptions?

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