God's armour
is made available to Believers for their triumphant victory in personal
conflicts and temptations. His wisdom and power is needed, and
total dependancy
upon God. Life cannot be lived without spiritual confrontation, warfare
and with inner and outward battles.

Believers must be bold in God's strength and use the armour he has provided.
They are able to stand firm with courage, determination,
watchfulness and with prayer. Believers should be rightly clothed in garments ready for battle. God's armour is the belivers strength to defend themselves against attacks from the world, of the flesh and of any evil power.The armour refers to the resources that
Christians possess to defend themselves.
This conflict
is between a Believer and principalities in the spiritual world,
and is over personal souls and of those in The Body of Christ. Jesus.
Himself, is The Armour of Light and we are kept safe in Him through
provision of the armour God has prepared for Believers(Ephesians 6:10-18).
Protection for and defense of the soul like a fortress
is necessary so that we can stand against any type of evil, false doctrines,
new ideas or trends that are contrary to The Word of God, error of
Truth that would lead people away from The Truth and Knowledge of
His Birth, His Life, His Death, His Resurrection, His Ascension and His
Glorification; the Truth of Who He Is, and
His purpose in our lives.
A Believer puts on Christ and

which is overcoming the battle of the
lure and temptations
of the world which lead to total destruction.
A Christian's goal is to
escape the habits and desires that lead to death.
To overcome the world we need the power of Christ
through The Holy Spirit in our lives.


The Hope and The Victory of the resurrected body
for Eternal Life through The Blood of Jesus.
The expectation of future glory encourages
at all times especially in timesof despair.


The Blood of Jesus gives us right-standing
with God. A gift of being righteous before Him.
His character within is a powerful defense.
Doubts are banished when the believer is reassured
they are righteous in God's sight.

Jesus said, "I am The Way, The Truth and The Life.
No-one comes to The Father except through me".
Jesus' integrity overcame all deception against Truth,
and not by force.The importance of sound teaching
counteracts any falsehood and deceit that
may cause doubt.


Jesus is The Provider, Author and Perfector of a
Believer's faith.We are saved by faith in Him.
Trust and belief in Him shields and protects. The
Believer's Faith is believing and knowing who
Christ Jesus is! This quenches fiery darts of doubt
that can be used during trials and persecution or
a pretense of arguments against the reality of Who
Jesus is. Trust and belief draws strength from
God and the Truths of His Word which guard
againt deception and helps overcome temptations.


Being sure-footed for going forward and supported
with the message and scriptures of the Good News of
Christ. Peace with God
and The Knowledge of God's Word. Inner peace
while having to stand firm. The peace of God reassures and gives
confidence in times of trouble.


Is The Word of God revealed to Believers by The
Holy Spirit. It is depending upon God's Word and
upon God in daily living and in prayer.
Scripture is always ready and available with
confident defence.


In Jesus Name, with understanding and with Truth
and The Holy Spirit in accordance with God's Will.
Praying sincerely and earnestly for The Body of
Christ. God is the believer's strength and the
armour is worn with prayer.


Atonement- Protected and covered by The Blood
of Christ, made acceptable to God because of The
New Covenant relationship. Adopted heirs in His

SCRIPTURE Ephesians 6:10-18.
QUESTIONS 1] What is God's armour for? 2] What does it protect? 3] What does it help defend? 4] With God's armour what is the Christian's goal?

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