Angels are mighty spirit beings created by God. Their power and intelligence is far greater than that of natural human beings. They are messengers for God, to do His bidding. Angels are created as part of the spiritual world and they will endure for eternity. Angels assist the servants of the Lord, and they minister to Christ and His Church.

The Bible presents angels as an order of created life, though different from the human race. They are divided into orders according to their power and strength, according to God's purposes, and can make themselves visible to humans, as directed by God. They are individually different just as humans are different from each other, for the company of angels are not all made from the same mould. Angels are completely devoted to God and were created before mankind - they are not a race. They are personal beings, they are not glorified human beings and are very distinct from mankind, having various ranks.
The three top hierarchy of Angels have presented themselves to man for man's understanding as Seraphs (also known as The Living Beings), Cherubs, and Archangels. Seraphim have manifested themselves to humans as having six wings and are in the presence of God continually. Cherubim have two wings and cover and protect The Throne of God. Archangels are the princes of the angels.

Angels execute God's will towards individuals and nations. They had a large part to play in the life of Jesus prior to His birth, at His birth, at His temptation, in the Garden of Gethsemane, at His resurrection and ascension.

Angels belong to the principalities of the invisible world. This world will pass away but these beings belong to the things that are not seen and are real and eternal. They are to encourage and minister to saint's needs while opposing the work of Satan and fallen demons. People must be cautious not to be deceived when it comes to angels and the spirit world. Scripture is silent about the time of fallen angels which was a deliberate rebellious act against the will of God and it definitely happened before the fall of man. The rebellion was led by Lucifer (now called Satan) who was once the most important of angels but became full of pride wanting the worship of the other angels for himself. The result of the rebellion is why God created the race of mankind.

If there is communication other than the Doctrine of Christ and Declarations that are in The Bible, then the spirit being was not sent from God, but a counterfeit for deception from Satan, i.e. a new idea for a new religion or that an angel can heal the sick etc., Human beings are forbidden to worship, pray to angels, or to go beyond what is in the Word of God. All adoration and thanksgiving must go to The Godhead. The Word of God is the only true source of information regarding angels, His created beings. There seems to be much ignorance on the subject of angels and there are some people who have unbelief in the existence of angels. The Lord Jesus spoke often about angels and was ministered to by them, in fact both in The Old Testament and in The New Testament angels ministered to many people and over affairs both in the spiritual and physical world.


    • THEY

      • have supernatural power.
      • are great in number.
      • are holy.
      • are God's messengers.
      • are not immortal. (They were created)
      • are dependant upon God for their existence.
      • are not limited to the spiritual world nor the physical world.
      • are ever awake.
      • are under The Lordship of Jesus Christ.
      • are princes over nations.
      • are very active in human affairs.
      • are very strong.
      • are modest and patient.
      • are meek in character.
      • are sexless. (neither male or female)
      • do not marry.
      • do not try to inhabit human beings.
      • cannot reproduce themselves.
      • shouted for joy at the creation of the earth.
      • serve God.
      • worship The Godhead.
      • praise God.
      • carry out God's judgements.
      • rejoice over repentant sinners.
      • protect God's people.
      • minister in times of need to the heirs of salvation. (Believers of Christ)
      • responsible to take a soul to Paradise on the death of a believer
      • have freewill like mankind, but dedicated to God's Will.
      • have personalities.
      • have dominions under Christ.
      • have growing wisdom and knowledge.
      • encourage Christians
      • can communicate in any language.
      • should not be worshipped
      • do not accept worship.
      • were created to worship God and to do battle.
      • separate the wicked from the righteous at the end of this age.

It is not surprising that angels will play a large roll in Christ's second coming, they will assist in the rapture of the saints both before and during the time of the end of mankind. They gather Christ's elect from all over the earth. In the end times the redeemed saints will be lifted in Christ above the order of angels by the fullness of God's grace.
In God's enduring limitless Kingdom, eternity will bring created holy angels of heirachy and the redeemed of the earth, together in The Celestial city of Jerusalem (Zion) to worship, praise and serve God eternally.

SCRIPTURES-Hebrews 2:6,7 Psalm 103:20,21Luke 1:3,26, 2:8-14,15:10,Mathew 28:10,Acts 10:1-4, 27:33.
QUESTIONS 1] What is the nature of angels? 2] Why did God create them? 3] Are angels permitted to appear to humans? 4] What do angels do for God? 5] What is their ministry to humans?


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