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AMOS Minor Prophet of Pre-exile era date 760-753 B.C.

The Book of Amos is named after the farmer turned prophet who lashed at hypocritical religion services, greed and injustice. He was a vigorous man of God who spoke for righteousness.

Amos means burden bearer

The Book of Amos is filled with judgement messages that went ignored. Amos' sermons were aimed at the wealthy who were exploiting the poor. Leaders, nobles and merchants cheated honest people. God's concern for social issues came to the Northern Kingdom of Israel through Amos with a cry for a just society. The book contains three sermons of significance. 1) Judgement plan revealed. 2) Refusal to turn to God. 3) Call to seek God.

There are five visions of warning, of locusts, of fire, these two judgements God relented when Amos the prophet interceded, but the vision of a plumbline, ripe fruit and smashed pillars showed that God would go forward with His judgment.

The prophecies are in an organised form warning the unfaithful, disobedient and covenant-breaking transgressors.

The Book of the prophet Amos is the third Book of Pre-exile Twelve Minor Prophetical Books and is filled with poetry including History in The Promised Land.


    • Judgement on Nations
    • The Rich Oppress the Poor
    • Judgement on Israel
    • Future visions
    • Five Restoration Promises
    • Focus on Covenants
    • The Messiah's Kingdom

 AMOS 5:6(a)

Many people are unaware that here is an alternative to judgement, for God offers life and emphasises the importance of the issue to require it and seek Him, the same as all require food. Seeking after the Living God prepares the heart and attitude of mind, through humbleness and repentance in prayer. God wants people to turn quickly to God for help. Hope and answers are found in seeking God, especially in times of personal struggles.

Life embraces more than physical existence, it includes a relationship with God. Believers are to be zealous and seek the things of God and reject anything that is not of Him, to understand the importance of knowing Him, His truth and holiness.

Life is to be lived for God and not self. Earthly life is temporary. Spiritual life that comes through faith in Christ is a foretaste of the life believers who have sought God will enjoy in the new heaven and the new earth.

True life with God is the work of The Holy Spirit and is abundant life. The Holy Spirit makes obedience to God possible to those who seek to receive revelation and guidance of His purposes.

God is at work in all that happens to believers to warn, to correct, to test, to exercise faith, to purify and to benefit others. God draws His people near to Himself for them to receive His goodness.



Christ is portrayed as The Authoritative Judge and Restorer, The King of The Kingdom.

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