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Almighty God and Father,

are The Supreme God who has committed Himself through Christ Jesus to the people of Your Creation.
You have proven Your commitment to us. You have revealed Yourself through Christ to His Body throughout the nations.
You are a Great and Awesome God, and we have not treated You as such yet as soon as we recall Your Greatness we affirm Your Loving Compassion towards us. You are God, who proves to us, Your people, how Reliable and Faithful You Are!
You always act on our behalf for our good, to make the bitter, sweet.
You Enrich our lives. You give us full understanding of Your Love. You make this known to us by The Holy Spirit and The Inspiration of Your Word.
Your Gift to us includes, power to boldly witness The Truth, power over sin, power over all evil, power over sickness and ultimately because of Christ there is power over death.
We are a crown, splendid in Your Hand.
You shelter us in Christ Himself-we are Protected like an olive tree. When You look at us, You see us covered in The Blood of Christ, made Righteous before You. Your Grace is upon us.
All who seek You will be satisfied! You are our Light. You always hear us when we call.
What Blessings You Cover us with! You have filled us with Your Overflowing Presence and You Will Never Leave us. The Holy Spirit who dwells in us gives us spiritual understanding, godly wisdom and quickens Your Word to our minds. We are continually being renewed.
Your Word is Truth! It holds us in place, assured, full of courage, trust and belief in You. Our Strength is being in Christ with You. Jesus Covers and Protects us. We have Protection over our hearts to prevent bitterness and unforgiveness.

Thank You for Your Love and Your Caring for us.
In The Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN

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